Rise to the Challenge: Klever Hackathon Winners' Roadmap! 🚀


Hey there, Hackathon Champions!

Now that the confetti has settled from the Klever Hackathon 2023, it’s time to dive into the exciting journey ahead for our incredible winners! :globe_with_meridians::trophy: Let’s rewind and applaud once again our fantastic champions:

  1. Pandemic Multiverse Arcade Gaming Hall

  2. XPort KleverChain Hub

  3. Decentralized NFT Marketplace

  4. Financial Bandits

  5. Klever-Radar - Monitoring & Analysis of the blockchain

Now, buckle up for the next chapter – the Roadmap to Rewards! :red_car::dash:

:dart: Milestone Goals:

  1. Milestone 1 (01/30/2024): VICTORY LAP! You’ve already aced this one by winning the Hackathon. Kudos! :checkered_flag:

  2. Milestone 2 (04/30/2024): Let’s keep the momentum going! - Hit 10,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) for 90 consecutive days until the closing date.

  3. Milestone 3 (07/30/2024): Level up! - Achieve 30,000 DAU and a total of 360,000 transactions on KleverChain in the same 90-day period.

  4. Milestone 4 (10/30/2024): Time to unleash your full potential! - Reach 50,000 DAU, tally 360,000 KleverChain transactions in 90 days, and deploy at least one Smart Contract on Klever Virtual Machine (KVM) with utility in your project.

:rotating_light: Important Notes:

  • DAU Reporting: Use analytics tools to generate DAU reports.
  • Transaction Period: The transaction count spans 90 days leading up to each milestone. (Eg. In milestone 3 the transactions from 05/01 to 07/30 count)
  • Transactions Consideration: Includes project token transactions and non-project token-related project services (Eg. The project promotes the subscription of some service and users pay in KLV).
  • Smart Contract Deployment: Deploy a contract on the mainnet with relevance to your project.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Submission and Verification:

  • Email proof of goals achievement to klever-hackathon@klever.io until the last day of each cycle.
  • Include the project’s configured address for transaction-based service payments (if applicable).
  • Milestones are independent; missing one doesn’t impact the others.

:warning: Fraud Alert:
Fraudulent activities will not be tolerated. Any attempt to manipulate or falsify data or results will result in immediate disqualification and legal action. Honest effort paves the way for success!

:money_with_wings: Prize Payouts:
Expect your KLV + KFI rewards within 10 business days post-cycle closure.

:star2: Winning Together:
Remember, this isn’t a competition among winners; it’s a collective win for the Klever family! :handshake:

:raised_hands: Thank You and Good Luck:
Massive thanks to all participants! Your dedication propels us forward. Best of luck, winners! We’re eagerly anticipating the growth and refinement of your solutions.

Feel free to reach out to the Klever team; we’re here to support your journey.

Any questions? Drop on the thread below.

And always remember, when one wins, we all win! :rocket:

Important to know: :face_with_monocle:

The Klever reserves the right to adapt these rules at any time. We intend to be fair with y’all.

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Hey, thanks for setting the next milestones!
Unfortunately, I find these extremely high.
We ourselves have big goals and are doing a lot to realize them, but 10k daily active users as of today is not possible for us and certainly not for the other projects!

Just like Klever, we are still under construction and I would have liked more realistic goals.
Be that as it may, we will of course continue to do our best and develop our project further :raised_hands:


For a blockchain with about 5,000 total daily TRANSACTIONS a requirement of 10,000 DAU for a project is either a typo or a joke, because that’s absolutely absurd.

How about setting realistic milestones, such as 500 or even 1,000 DAU?

Klever do better


In my opinion, a target like increase your DAU and transactions tenfold within the active period would have been better and fairer for all projects

Something like that could be achieved, but from one day to the next 10k daily users for 90 consecutive days… that’s not possible
There are only 90 days left until the end of the active period :sweat_smile:


The target of users required in 90 days might be difficult now, after KVM and some DEX will be much easier instead of 90 days make it more like 4 months starting after KVM testnet launch, after that check the active users on that project.

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Hey folks, how’s it going?

We know that we’re all in the early stages, and it’s healthy for us to set ambitious goals to focus on. We made a point of adding a disclaimer at the end of the post precisely because we understand that what’s new for you is also new for us, and adjustments are both necessary and possible.

We have the first 90 days to monitor the results of each project, and thus, if necessary, adapt not just one but possibly all milestones. This will bring us closer and stronger.

Goals need to be achievable but also challenging.

I emphasize, when one wins, everyone wins.