Rise to the Challenge: Klever Hackathon Winners' Roadmap! 🚀

This is impossible to reach. Whole Klever ecosystem had 10k transactions in last 24h and a bit more than 1500 DAU.

How can each of us get 6x more DAU than the whole Kleverchain? Whole Fantom chain has 24k DAU, PancakeSwap has 60k+ DAU.

The milestones should be based on development of participants, community engagement, etc. We will develop further anyway, but knowing that we wont reach any of upcoming milestones burns a lot.

Cant get over the fact that Project of the month participants received more “rewards” doing airdrops than us. Literally feel like 1000s of hours were finally gona pay off, but got rekt.


Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I want to express my deep appreciation for all of you and apologize for the time it took to return here with an official update. We have been committed to finding the best solutions that align with Klever’s core values of trust, transparency, collaboration, challenge, and continuous evolution.

Leading a company in the crypto world from scratch is both extremely challenging and incredibly motivating. Watching a community grow around our products, thrive, and prosper together is hard work, but it’s immensely gratifying. We understand that we will have successes and failures along the way, but please rest assured that all our actions are aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes for our users and our community.

To get straight to the point, we have addressed your main concern regarding the DAU indicator and have decided to readjust the milestones to focus on the number of transactions that your projects, directly or indirectly, generate on the KleverChain. After all, it’s about more projects and more transactions. The new milestones are as follows:

  • Milestone 3: 200K transactions on KleverChain over 90 days (from 06/01 to 08/30)*
  • Milestone 4: 250K transactions on KleverChain over 90 days (from 09/01 to 11/30)* along with the deployment of a Smart Contract on the KVM mainnet related to the project by 11/30


1. Since we are changing the rules mid-month, we believe it is fairer to start counting transactions for the next milestone from the first day of the following month, giving projects more time to organize their actions.

2. The number of transactions will be measured by the project’s token(s), which must be specified and get the ownership verified on KleverScan, and also transactions in any KDA that can be proven to originate from the project.

Although I haven’t met you all personally, I consider you friends and want you to know that you can count on me and the Klever team to build increasingly robust solutions in a technological and social environment that is ever more conducive to the emergence and growth of your ideas.

In life, we experience moments of joy, anger, frustration, and achievement, and these moments make us stronger, more united, and victorious. For those who have decided to leave the hackathon, I kindly ask you to reconsider if you wish, as the doors of Klever are and will always be open for you and for everyone who wants to embark on this journey with us. We will only win together—when one falls, the other lends a hand; when one wins, we all win.

Thank you for your continued support.



Hello Duka, first of all I would like to thank you for your answer and the adjustments to the goals for the next milestones!
Even though this could certainly have been done earlier.

But as you wrote yourself, we are all still in the building phase and mistakes can happen.
The new targets are feasible, at least from our point of view, even if it will be a challenge!
But that’s how it should be!

I have another question regarding the measurement of transactions.
To 2.
Is the measurement based on the project token (in our case PMD) and the integrated KDA?
In addition to PMD, we have integrated numerous other KDAs that can be used by our games.
Is it sufficient to communicate the corresponding game wallets (currently approx. 10) and the Project Token?

Yo, I’m glad to see you here again with us :raised_hands:

Yes, you only need to prove that these transactions originated from your project (your wallets are a good way), no matter what KDA is.


It looks like we’re back.

I am very pleased that there has been a correction.

Together, we can target and realise significantly higher transaction figures.

For my part, I am busy every day helping the new and old community projects to process transactions and developing separate applications for them.

Thank you @Duka for your commitment. :muscle:


So glad to hear that! Theese are a lot more realistic and also challenging goals!

Like Andreas said, if we prove transactions of project related wallets, they also count?

We have 7 swap pairs, 2 FT tokens and 1 NFT token. We are also distributing rewards in form of KLV to our NFT holders (they originate from our wallet), so theese will be also counted?