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In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, changes occur at a pace beyond imagination. TokenPort serves as our response to the challenges within this sector, with the objective of strengthening the adoption of the KleverChain blockchain. Leveraging the capabilities of the Klever SDK, we are crafting a versatile toolkit designed for the efficient management of cryptocurrency assets. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for burgeoning crypto communities, enabling them to fully explore the remarkable opportunities presented by the KleverChain blockchain! Everything required to embark on your journey in blockchain development is right at your fingertips!

Our Key Focus

TokenPort’s primary goal is to unleash the complete potential of KleverChain. Through the integration of Klever SDK, we provide a diverse set of tools that will revolutionize the user experience within this vibrant ecosystem.

We dedicate our utmost efforts to ensure user-friendly interactions with smart contracts (KApps). While retaining all the benefits of existing smart contracts, TokenPort is developing intuitive interfaces to streamline interactions with KApps for all users.

XPort KleverHub at the Klever Hackathon

Within the framework of the Klever Hackathon, we are in the process of developing an MVP for our upcoming product, named XPort KleverHub. This MVP encompasses a fully functional NFT marketplace with extensive customization capabilities. Users will gain access to an aggregator encompassing all available NFT Marketplaces on KleverChain, providing them with the flexibility to select any of these marketplaces for trading their NFTs. This will be accompanied by a wide array of additional settings and trading pairs involving user tokens. Independent creators will have the ability to create individualized NFTs at remarkably low fees, and NFT community builders will be equipped with a tool to establish their very own turnkey NFT Marketplaces, complete with customizable commission. Furthermore, we are actively working on a Swap feature, enabling users to exchange NFTs for KDA tokens at a fixed rate determined by specific properties. This innovation ushers in fresh opportunities for trading interchangeable KDA tokens within the NFT market.

Reinventing Fundraising with Launchpad

In the world of blockchain, project funding plays a vital role, and TokenPort recognizes its significance. We present XPort Launchpad, enabling users to gather resources for their initiatives through NFT or FT tokens. Thanks to Launchpad, both individuals and projects can tap into fresh funding sources! Inform the crypto community about your project or concept, connect with like-minded individuals, and initiate fundraising for its realization! Leverage branding elements and other advanced functionalities! Right from the project’s inception, it will have its dedicated space, and all fundraising stages will be easily accessible!


TokenPort’s mission is clear: we aim to make KleverChain convenient and appealing to a wide audience. Our versatile toolkit, featuring a user-friendly interface, is designed to unlock the full potential of KleverChain. It will create an exceptionally user-friendly environment for emerging crypto communities to utilize both existing and future contracts (Kapps) seamlessly integrated into KleverChain. As blockchain enthusiasts and investors, we eagerly anticipate projects that will expand the horizons of the cryptocurrency world and enhance its accessibility for all. Stay tuned for more updates! We will soon introduce you to our team and provide insights into the platform’s development progress. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask them on our social media channels.

Telegram: https://t.me/XPortGlobal/1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokenportapp



Expanding XPort’s Functionality! Introducing the NFT Swap Feature.
One of the core functions of the XPotr app is to create an environment that facilitates seamless KDA Assets trading. We’ve devised a solution that empowers users to trade their KDA assets right now, enabling BLOCK token holders to efficiently and securely swap them for XBLOCK NFTs. These XBLOCK NFTs serve as a gateway to NFT marketplaces, with exchanges executed at a fixed rate outlined within the NFT properties. Additionally, NFT holders can swap their holdings into BLOCK tokens to fully reap the benefits of the BlockPort project. If desired, any project within the Klever ecosystem can harness this feature to offer uninterrupted KDA assets for their users until the development and launch of a comprehensive Kapp Klever DEX.

Progress Update: XPort.app Development in Full Swing!

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Great question!

Indeed, Dex is one of our top priorities, and we’ll kick off development as soon as the launch of Klever VM and custom contracts on KleverChain becomes feasible! We firmly believe that having a DEX is a key condition for the harmonious growth of the Klever Ecosystem because every investor or crypto asset holder should have the freedom to manage their property, including buying and selling! As for the NFT Swap feature, we’d be delighted if it gains traction with other projects, but it’s crucial to understand that only the NFT Creator can create a trading pair!

Thanks again for your questions!
We invite you to join the project discussion on our Telegram channel


Development progress of XPort.app for the week:

  • New design for the “Buy” Popup.

  • Purchase details, such as “marketplace fee, creator royalty, asset name,” added to the Popup.

  • Corrected the displayed purchase price.

  • Notification added to the Popup if the balance for the purchase is insufficient.

  • Added a Popup with loading animation during transaction confirmation.

  • Added a Popup with notification of successful/unsuccessful purchase.

  • Added the ability to copy the transaction hash.

  • Partner marketplace added to the NFT wallet’s marketplace select.

  • Fixed the selection of the marketplace for NFT listing. The listing filter is based on the marketplace ID.

  • Transparency of NFTs in the collection fixed for NFTs with expired expedition dates.

  • Popup notification for copying to the clipboard added to all copy buttons.

We hope you enjoy these updates! Share your experience and let us know what you think!


Удачи ребята, с первых минут с вами и так до конца) Ждуу


Enhancing User Experience in ITO Creation: Your Input Matters!

Hello Crypto Community!

We’d like to address the need for improving the user experience when it comes to creating Initial Token Offerings (ITOs). It’s evident that making this feature more accessible can potentially open the door to fraudulent activities. While we can’t take on the responsibility of evaluating each project or token, we can establish specific limitations or conditions for ITO creation on our platform! Here are some options. Which one do you support?

A custom tokens may be available for purchase if it meets the following conditions:

  • Presence of a Whitepaper, roadmap, and a public team.
  • Existence of an open community with an ample number of participants
  • Community voting on our platform
  • Adequate social media activity
  • Having an MVP
  • Other options (describe in the comments)
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We’re eagerly anticipating the voting results and your comments on this matter! Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our platform. Together, let’s create a safer and more transparent environment for the entire community. Thank you for being an integral part of our crypto journey! :rocket:


Awesome! However, I’m really concerned about the high cost of creating collections on KleverChain. How do you plan to make NFTs more accessible for creators?


Thank you for developing a convenient tool for trading my BLOCK tokens and XBLOCK NFTs.


so currently it operates as a dex? how can one connect klever wallet to your app


Exciting updates on the road to public beta testing for MVP XPort.app. Interested in participating? Join our Telegram channel or X Community :point_down:t2::point_down:t2:



Beautiful design, convenient Pop-ups, fast transaction confirmation! :fire::rocket: Easy, convenient and beautiful! :clap::nerd_face: Great job of XPort.app team! :hugs:


Welcome to Hackathon,…I love it when you can swap your NFTs to a token but my question goes like this, is it only your project token or any token on Kleverchain?

If am not mistaking you want to build a Dex on Kleverchain how would that be possible, how are you planning onboard it, any plans or update regarding the Dex?


Correct link to our Telegram channel https://t.me/XPortGlobal/1


Great job! It would be fantastic if you developed your own NFT generator to simplify the technical process for creators. Do you think that’s achievable?


the team is working on the project. Well done. I wish them good luck.


Привет! Получат ли держатели токена Block какие-то преимущества с запуском XPort Hub?


I’m really looking forward to a quality project.


Xport Hub! Good luck guys!!


Supporting you guys


Introducing KIRA: Empowering Community Rewards on XPort Hub

We’re thrilled to unveil KIRA, our community rewards token, fully operational and ready to revolutionize the future of the XPort Hub platform. What does this mean for the platform’s future? It means that anyone with talent and drive can now earn without any initial investment!

By promoting our platform, you earn KIRA. Your income in KIRA depends solely on your efforts in promoting and utilizing the platform. You won’t need any other currencies to cover network fees, as you can now pay them with KIRA. Accumulate enough, and you can exchange KIRA for XPORT or KLV at your discretion, or simply hold onto KIRA and receive airdrops in tokens like KDA.

Excitingly, KIRA is now available in the Klever wallet, and staking is activated! While there’s still much to be done to fully implement our rewards program, today marks a significant step in increasing community engagement and incentivizing promotion of the XPort Hub platform. Join us in shaping the future of decentralized rewards with KIRA!




Good luck, Tokenport team!:fire: