XPORT Hub: Redefining Collaboration in the Decentralized Space

XPort Labs strives to be at the forefront of web3 innovations, introducing a revolutionary suite of decentralized solutions designed to enhance the user experience of interacting with crypto assets and unlock the full potential of the Klever Crypto Universe.

1. Decentralized NFT Marketplace and Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Aggregator:

  • We eliminate barriers by presenting a user-friendly NFT aggregator that allows seamless and secure trading of NFT assets. Enjoy access to all KleverChain and other NFT marketplaces. Our intuitive marketplace is free from additional fees – all the revenue belongs to you!

2. Creator Hub:

  • Empower your creativity! Establish your marketplaces and collections with full control over fee customization, design, and promotional activities, all without incurring significant expenses.

3. Decentralized Launchpad:

  • Explore and mint new NFTs or FT tokens on our Launchpad. Dive deep into projects, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their potential, and actively participate within the dynamic token ecosystem.

4. AMM DEX (Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange):

  • Effortlessly exchange your crypto assets using our Decentralized Swap with AMM functionality. Immerse yourself in secure and efficient trading within our decentralized exchange.

5. Cross-Chain Bridge:

  • Unleash the complete potential of the crypto universe! Leverage our cross-chain bridge to seamlessly transfer your value to other blockchains.

Empowering Your Crypto Experience

For End Users:

Experience convenience and intuitiveness in using our tools.
Explore the world of NFTs and trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

For the Growing Crypto Community:

Ensure seamless asset movement across blockchains.
Facilitate continuous interaction between KleverChain projects and other blockchains, unlocking boundless possibilities.

Why Choose XPort Hub

Simplicity for all, from beginners to experts.
Bridging the gap between KleverChain and other blockchains.
Effortless interaction in diverse blockchain environments.

XPORT Token: Powering Your Crypto Journey

Token Overview:
At the heart of our ecosystem is the XPORT token – a pivotal element providing users access to new opportunities and functionalities, enhancing their overall experience within XPort Hub.

Key Features:

  • Trust the XPORT token, acting as a catalyst, granting users access to exclusive opportunities and functionalities, enhancing their overall interaction.

  • Token as a Breakthrough: Consider the XPORT token as the key that assembles, revealing the full potential and benefits for our users.

  • Usage in Product Interactions: As a team and investors, we plan to use the XPORT token to fund our developments, providing holders the ability to actively use it in various product interactions.

  • Long-Term Benefits: XPORT token holders are positioned to reap the rewards of the project’s growth and increased value, creating a lasting and profitable experience.

Commitment to Transparency and Value:
In alignment with our commitment to transparency and token value, a portion of the project’s revenue will be dedicated to maintaining token liquidity. This strategic initiative aims to reduce the circulating supply, positively impacting the token value for both early adopters and long-term stakeholders.

Join the XPORT Community:
XPort Hub invites you to embark on this exciting journey with us. Holding XPORT is not just ownership; it’s active participation in the growth, development, and success of our vibrant crypto community. Your XPORT is more than a token; it’s your key to a seamless, rewarding crypto experience with lasting value.

Secure Your Key to the Future – Embrace XPORT Today!

XPort Tokenomics

We are excited to present the tokenomics for XPort Labs, outlining the distribution of our native token XPORT. Our goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem that attracts and sustains active developers while fostering community engagement.

Maximum Token Supply: 100 million XPORT

Token Distribution:

  1. Team and Developers: 20% (20 million XPORT)

    • Allocated to motivate and retain our talented team and developers, ensuring their commitment to the long-term success of the project.
  2. Marketing and Community Development: 10% (10 million XPORT)

    • Reserved for building awareness, community development, and marketing efforts to promote the project effectively.
  3. Advisors: 3% (3 million XPORT)

    • Set aside for engaging experienced advisors who will contribute their expertise to the project.
  4. Reserve Fund and Operational Expenses: 12% (12 million XPORT)

    • Ensures the project’s sustainability and provides reserves for operational needs.
  5. Sale: 10% (10 million XPORT)

    • Allocated for the sale of tokens to fund the ongoing development and growth of the project.
  6. Presale: 1% (1 million XPORT)

    • Reserved for early contributors and supporters who participate in the presale.
  7. Staking: 44% (44 million XPORT)

    • Designed to promote decentralization and community participation through staking.

Important Note:

Please note that these percentages are based on our commitment to empowering developers and involving the community in the project’s governance. We believe this distribution reflects our dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem.

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the blockchain space with XPort Labs!


BLOCK token


BLOCK TradePass NFT Swap

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Please what is the total supply of the xport token?

Total supply of 100m tokens! We will present tokenomics and white paper at the end of January

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Alright thanks for your response and clarification

Join the celebration of reaching the first milestone in the Klever Hackathon.

Summing Up the Second Month of the Klever Moon Mission:

We are pleased to report a significant increase in the number of transactions processed through our addresses. In January alone, we successfully executed 7,888 transactions as part of the rewards distribution for $BLOCK token holders, securing a well-deserved third place and receiving a prize of 1,384 $KFI. The overall tally for the two months of the campaign stands at 1,608 $KFI.

Simultaneously, our achievements in reaching the first milestone of the Klever Hackathon have added an extra 14,640 $KFI. Our strategies involve locking a significant portion of these funds, enabling active participation in the Klever community, including voting on proposals for KleverChain parameter changes. Additionally, we utilize KFI staking rewards to ensure liquidity for the XPORT token. Details of specific plans in this regard will be shared in the near future.

However, we currently have 250 $KFI earmarked for distribution among XPORT token holders.

Distribution of 250 KFI:

We have decided to distribute 250 KFI among early XPORT token holders. If you own XPORT, you can claim a portion of this amount! The upcoming distribution will impact XPORT holders who have staked their tokens.

What do you need to do to participate in the airdrop?

  1. You must have a minimum of 100 XPORT in your balance. If your balance is insufficient, you can acquire additional tokens on the ITO XPORT at KleverScan.
  2. Freeze your XPORT using the native staking function of the Klever Wallet.

The distribution is scheduled for February 15th of the current year. Stay tuned for updates!

In Conclusion

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your support and participation in our initiatives. Your engagement helps us grow and move forward.

The distribution of 250 $KFI among XPORT token holders is just the first step in strengthening our community. We believe in the power of collective efforts and mutual support.

If you are an XPORT holder, stay tuned for updates and prepare for the upcoming airdrop.

Best regards,
XPort Labs Team.


Very nice, giving back to the community is always the best,… keep up the good work, keep on building :muscle:


XPORT Labs Ignites Community Engagement with Enhanced Rewards System

In an exciting move to further empower its community, XPORT Labs has frozen over 2.1 million $DVK tokens to fuel its community rewards and engagement system. This initiative aligns with the ongoing efforts to elevate the value proposition for $XPORT holders and intensify marketing activities.

The frozen $DVK tokens will be instrumental in establishing a robust rewards pool, enabling captivating giveaways and community-driven initiatives. These incentives will undoubtedly foster a more engaged and enthusiastic community, driving the project’s growth and success.

Concurrently, XPORT Labs’ verification nodes are actively working to expand the project’s reach and visibility. By onboarding new nodes and strengthening the network, XPORT Labs is committed to solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the Web3 landscape.

Join the vibrant XPORT Labs community today and contribute to shaping the future of Web3! Together, we can build a thriving ecosystem that empowers individuals and redefines the digital experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Over 2.1 million $DVK tokens frozen to fuel community rewards and engagement
  • Rewards pool will enable giveaways and community-driven initiatives
  • XPORT Labs verification nodes are expanding the project’s reach and visibility

Join the XPORT Labs community and contribute to shaping the future of Web3!