Klever Hackathon 2023: Invitation to the Klever Community

Hello Klever Community!

The future of blockchain awaits with the Klever Hackathon 2023, and the stage is set for projects that promise to revolutionize the domain. You, our treasured community members, have always been our driving force, inspiring us to reach beyond the known.

We’re thrilled to announce a golden opportunity: The chance to invite Klever team members as advisors for your projects. Their extensive experience and intricate knowledge of the Klever ecosystem can be the guiding hand your project needs. And here’s the exciting part: the more Klever advisors you connect with, the broader your network of expertise and collaboration becomes. You’re free to choose and connect with multiple advisors, ensuring a diverse range of insights.

Visualize the magic when your passionate vision meets the expertise of multiple Klever team members on our dedicated Slack channel. Such collaborations not only fuel innovative solutions but also establish lasting relationships that go beyond the hackathon.

Forge ahead, broaden your horizons, and co-create the next blockchain marvel. Connect with your chosen advisors on our Klever Blockchain Slack Channel. Remember, more advisors mean more connections, and more connections mean boundless possibilities!

More details can be found at Klever Hackathon 2023 — Klever

Warm Regards,

Klever Hackathon 2023 Team


Great one, let’s attract great builders to Klever Blockchain

Only 2 more days until winners getting announced. :fire:

Lets see who makes the first 5 places. :eyes:

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