Pandemic Multiverse Arcade Gaming Hall

Our goal is to combine the complexity of blockchain and the simplicity of gaming.

Play and win, that is our motto!

We are currently offering this to our players in an Android beta version which includes 9 different mini-games with 10 prize pools.

More single and multiplayer games will follow!

The amount of the weekly prize pools is based on the following criteria:

  • Number of games played per round

  • Income through our Klever Nodes

  • Sponsoring by partners

Current status:

Beta Version Android Online

Current games available:

  • Pandemic Arcade Space Combat

  • Pandemic Bird

  • Pandemic Jump

  • Pandemic Kitten Run

  • Pandemic Racer

  • Space Kid (Partner Game)

  • Pandemic Endless Racer

  • Pandemic Runner

  • Death Ride (Partner Game)

Google Play:



For an easier start in the Arcade Gaming Hall, you can find here a small documentation with the most important steps, from the download, registration, to the export of the private key and import into the k5 Wallet, as well as some information about the individual games!


Technical Details

We create our games with the Unity runtime and development environment.

For the blockchain connection to Kleverchain we use the possibilities that Kleverchain offers us to achieve the best and most resource efficient results.

These includes:

  • Kleverchain API
  • C# SDK
  • NodeJS sdk

Problems and solutions

Despite the almost infinite possibilities in blockchain gaming, we still encounter problems that make it difficult not only for us but also for our players to get started.

Here we address some of the problems and provide our solutions.


Most existing blockchains, such as Ethereum, have scalability issues that can lead to high transaction fees and slow transaction times. In a gaming environment where fast and low-cost transactions are required, this can lead to frustration among players.

Our solution:

We make use of the possibilities offered by the Kleverchain.

Due to its transaction speed, transactions are executed and confirmed within seconds and this with low transaction fees.

In addition, we use the possibility of the KDA pool to offer our users the possibility to pay the transaction fees with our KDA called PMD (PMD-2U7V) instead of KLV.


Setting up wallets, buying cryptocurrencies, and interacting with smart contracts can be complicated for non-technical users.

Our solution:

We want to make it especially easy for our users to get started.

Therefore, as required in every game (via email address and password), a Klever Wallet address is created and charged with 500 PMD (our KDA on Kleverchain) when registering in the Arcade gaming hall.

The user can export their private key at any time to import the wallet address into the Klever Wallet.

The 500 PMD serves as a welcome gift and allows the new user to try our games directly in the arcade without investing anything beforehand.

Lack of game interaction:

Some blockchain games focus so heavily on blockchain technology that the actual gameplay experience is neglected.

Our solution:

A balance between blockchain functionality and entertaining gameplay is important.

Therefore, the Arcade Gaming Hall is a kind of game hub.

As mentioned in the opening post, we currently offer 9 different mini games in the Arcade Gaming Hall, with an upward trend.

There should be something for every gamer!


Another milestone has been reached!

From now on the multiplayer section is accessible for everyone!

Already available is the Arcade Multiplayer Racer!

Race against other users and win KLV

X Post:

More multiplayer games are currently being tested and will be unlocked step by step.

An updated list of the games integrated in the Arcade Gaming Hall will be available soon!

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:gift: Christmas Event :gift:

The pre-Christmas season has begun!
And we would like to thank all players and #ArcadeGamingHall testers with an advent calendar!

Open your gift door every day from 01.12. to 24.12. and claim your random present

The Advent calendar contains presents from our Kleverchain partners
such as KID and KTC as well as KLV and our own tokens PMD and PMT



We have released a new update on Google Play today!
X Post

- Bug fixes
- Daily Bonus
- Transaction history
- Earn PMT

As always, you can find more information on our social media channels


Play and win from wherever you are!

Here is a small selection of our games in the ArcadeGamingHall Beta on Android


:joystick: New minigame :joystick:

On Friday we are releasing another minigame in the Arcade Gaming Hall.
Look forward to Pandemic Street Fight and win KLV and PMD in the weekly ranking :raised_hands:


:bangbang:Reminder :bangbang:
:christmas_tree:Claim your advent gift :christmas_tree:

Every day you have the chance to claim a number of different #KDAs such as $KID, $PMD, $PMT, $KTC and of course $KLV

Only in the #ArcadeGamingHall on the #KleverChain💪


Which game in the Arcade Gaming Hall is your favorite?
We are giving away 10 x 200 KLV among all answers

  • Pandemic Jump
  • Pandemic Street Fight
  • Arcade Space Combat
  • Pandemic Runner
  • Pandemic Bird
  • Pandemic Kitten Run
  • Space Kid
  • Pandemic Endless Racer
  • Death Ride
  • Arcade Multiplayer Racer
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We wish all players, all partners and the whole KleverFam a Merry Christmas and a peaceful time with your family and friends :gift::christmas_tree:


I am one of your fans but currently my android phone is not helping me to play this game, please any date to expect this on IOS too?


Klever is a promising chain and w=if we have Pandemic games like projects on it the future is looking good, a dozen such projects and klever will take off…to the moon.


I wish the project good luck and victory!


Awesome, keep building team​:fire::fire:


You are unstoppable :clap::clap::clap:
Street fight :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


:joystick: New Arcade Gaming Hall update available :joystick:

In addition to various bug fixes, we have improved the UI to increase the user-friendliness!
We have also reduced the cost of almost all games with $PMD including transaction fees to 70.

:point_up_2: The redesigned UI can be activated in the settings :point_up_2:


Excelente juego… Sigamos creciendo como. Comunidad


Wishing you all the best


You have our support :pray:t3:


Thank you all for your support! :raised_hands:


New update for the #ArcadeGamingHall available!


We have further expanded our reward system and now offer you 2 more ways to earn with the Arcade Gaming Hall.

We are happy to announce that we will now reward you also with #PMT when you play the minigames in the Arcade Gaming Hall.

For this we provide a fixed pool of 10000 PMT every week.
The distribution is based on the total number of games of all users in the current Round.
Minimum number of games: 10

We have also activated our referral system🙌

Invite your friends to play and receive $PMT at the end of each round depending on how active your friends were!
You can view and share your referral code in the Settings section.

Start now and earn together with your friends!



In this special time of year, we want to wish you all Happy Easter!
It’s a time of joy, gathering, and hope, and we hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter, and many unforgettable moments.

We also want to thank the whole #KleverFam for your continuous support.
Your dedication and enthusiasm make our community what it is - a place full of passion and teamwork. Whether you inspire us through your gameplay, support us through your feedback, or simply are part of our community, we appreciate each and every one of you.

May this Easter bring a radiant light into your lives, bringing you hope, happiness, and fulfillment. Enjoy the festivities in the company of your loved ones, exchange smiles and warmth, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We are grateful to be a part of the Klever community and look forward to experiencing many adventures together.

Happy Easter to you all!