Financial Bandits

In a world where node ownership is limited to the privileged few, we, Financial Bandits, present a groundbreaking solution.

Imagine a platform where every user has the opportunity to stake their Klever (KLV) coins in a node with a maximum allocation of 10 million KLV, ensuring the highest returns.

Our innovative platform, combined with a gamified experience, empowers users to actively participate in discovering and owning nodes on the Klever Blockchain.

Explore our full and detailed proposal here:

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Hello @Onscolo thanks for your questions!

Our project is introducing a distinctive staking mechanism, focusing on nodes with a maximum delegation of 10 million KLV. While acknowledging that Klever allows users to stake their coins in nodes, our project aims to stand out through two key differentiators:

Optimal Setup for Highest ROI: Our proposal outlines that nodes with a 10 million KLV maximum allocation offer the highest Return on Investment (ROI). By focusing on this specific node configuration, our project is dedicated to providing users with an opportunity to achieve optimal returns compared to staking with other public nodes on the Klever Blockchain.

Accessibility for Smaller Holders: In contrast to the existing scenario where establishing a node with a 10 million KLV allocation might be viable only for individuals with substantial funds, our project seeks to make this optimal setup accessible to a wider audience. Users with as little as 1000 KLV can now participate in staking on nodes with the desired 10 million KLV maximum allocation, eliminating traditional barriers to entry.

Additionally to answer on your second question, our unique approach involves the use of town tokens. Each town token, equivalent to 1000 KLV, represents a share in a specific node. These town tokens are staked to participate in the nodeโ€™s earnings. More importantly, the staking of town tokens helps ensure that the node always maintains the required 10 million KLV staked. When a participant wishes to leave, they must sell their town coin(s) in our Town Bank, allowing for a smooth transition while maintaining the optimal staking setup, and maintaining the required 10M KLV to keep that specific node electable.

We would advice everyone to read our full proposal on medium which goes over a lot of details about our project.

We welcome you to ask additional questions, which we will answer with our greatest pleasure!

Team Financial Bandits


Our platform is released!

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I have read through your medium and it answers my question but you made a point which I think with your solution, it does not solve one point you made. When a town is full (10m) it will be eligible for elections, what if one town member decides to leave? will that affects the 10 million?

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We updated our progress on our website


Exciting News! :rocket:

Our platform reached v2 and the first town (ITO), Origin Bay, is ready to discover.
The sale is LIVE as we speak!

Our updates since v1:


  • Check progress on the storyline of our platform


  • Updated interactive map
  • Explore diverse towns
  • Town information and progress of discovery

Chip In

  • Setup our first town called Origin Bay (ORBAY-27FF) and ITO launched
  • Facilitate participating in a town (ITO)
  • ITO sale information
  • Visualize succesful participation


  • Information about reward claiming availability
  • Overview of participating towns by user


As a groundbreaking move, our team has decided that participants in the first town will not only earn from that node but also receive a 10% share of team earnings across the entire platform, extending to all discovered towns after Origin Bay.

This transforms the ORBAY token into more than an investment in the first node; itโ€™s now a stake in the entire platformโ€™s success.

Join us and lets start our journey together! Visit our camp ( or go over to ITOs (ORBAY-27FF) to participate. ๐Ÿค 

Team Financial Bandits


mmmm klever has given as that opportunity already. Every user can stake their coin in a node, please what is this project trying to do different aside the quoted line