KFI Rewards Guild submission

Hello Klever Community,

since April 2023 I have started the project KFI REWARDS nodes.
In this project I created now 6 nodes where you can delegate your KLV buckets to any KFI-REWARDS-x nodes (x = number), and receive KFI automatic in your wallet back when one of those 6 nodes are being elected in the validators group of 21 elected nodes.

Within 15 minutes after each elected epoch the nodes will place a market buy order on bitcoin.me exchange to buy from the market KFI tokens. These will be equally distributed to all delegated buckets to that specific elected KFI-REWARDS-x node

So if you want to have maximum success on your delegations, then the best option is to delegate your buckets over all 6 nodes, so you donโ€™t miss any single elected round of these KFI REWARDS nodes. And the extra advantage is that you donโ€™t have to claim the delegation rewards as those are being send as KFI directly to your wallet.

You only have to claim the staking rewards, those will stay as KLV reward. Those you need to claim within every 25 days (100 epochs)

This way this project helps the buyback of KFI from the market and gives people the chance to easier get KFI without the need of swap or exchange accounts.

To follow the KFI REWARDS elections, you can join our Telegram guild

Telegram Guild

Our rewards wallets are :
KFI-01 : klv1myy5rgdw5rh53gzyaur076e3dk8d459x6x5h4v2yu0lmngmtw9gs3utux6
KFI-02 : klv1nw6rehxf3qev3jd2zyx88yaavjyzwh376yggha53sd9ulzk0zrfqway5pd
KFI-03 : klv1xqmqkq8yrzpswu3qe2pe24ks8skrrzqewqwp825ya7w6kg0sl8aqw2jgld
KFI-04 : klv15j32qagxdurafuxk83j88684htzxv87kvnkdvae9gl264xay72gqu9nfc5
KFI-05 : klv1nzvvy9rcgsf3xdp045d33unu70jav4vr65uwc85rv27lxc6hgcmqrqsv5t
KFI-06 : klv1ltukrfzwwd872jvmh7ypz3mf94ykmwmy0qfdpetvnawq8amdssdq00eq5s
KFI-07 : klv1uzsf7acv849ejgkqk7tfms5jpm8ppvr7p59w8tqfu6gws6un0zfqsmcqut
KFI-08 : klv16cazfzyc2rj5998qaz40p3jzl0k6gxhtvvn6ez349u3ewfvnlz4swdpqrn
KFI-09 : klv180cydynentmusmk23262mzu20mfk6avxcqvm76yu3cwqqcr7h9lsmmqp4y
KFI-10 : klv1476f89ngvkkw8pm7m3uudxtl6dz29d0fp8jzrsp7uks75l93z26qqs75l9

Distribution KFI app : Software Linux


This sounds like it should be in the developer section.

Can you explain for what criteria?
This project is for the community and Iโ€™m not developing any app


Love it! KFI Rewards are the best!

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They are on fire indeed.

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