Decentralized NFT Marketplace

Hello Klever community!

As you might notice from profile picture, i am the founder and creator of NFT collection FOMO-Apes

FOMO-Apes NFT collection was launched with goal to reward users by holding our nfts. Our reward system is first of its kind, where the amount of KLV rewards is based on rarity of users NFTs.

We have a Rewards wallet, in which we accumulate rewards from secondary sales of our collection and validator rewards. Once the pool reaches the treshold of 250k KLV, it is distributed to holders.

We are the first NFT collection to launch and succesfully mint out (3 weeks) after KleverNFT launchpad stopped receiving applications. It is also the first collection launched without any help from Klever.

Now we are making a huge step forward. We are developing an NFT project with multiple features:

-HOW TO PAGE: -Complete guide from start to finnish on how to launch your first succesfull NFT collection.

-Covering NFTs structure (attributes-layers)

-Applying rarity to attributes

-Generation of different NFTs

-Structure of metadata

-Uploading to IPFS

-Creating non fungible token on Kleverchain

-Linking your NFT metadata and images to non fungible token

-Launching an ITO, set packs, set prices, dates, whitelist, currency for purchase of NFTs

-How to mint NFTs

All of this without a single line of code!

-MINT PAGE: -In our dapp, you will be able to easy and seamlessly mint any of the ITOs that ace currently active on Kleverchain

-No minting through Kleverscan, all done on our dapp.

-MARKETPLACE: -Browse collections, buy sell and collect NFTs. Abillity to sell them for other KDA tokens (KTC, PMD, KFI, DVK,…),

swipe floor, search specific NFT, inspect other wallet holdings (visual), check NFT history, buy NFTs from other

marketplaces (aggregator)

-PORTFOLIO: -Inspect your wallet balance, check your NFTs in wallet or on marketplace, delist from marketplace, send fungible or NonFungible tokens directly from your portfolio section.

We aim to become all in one for NFTs on KleverChain.

More features being added constantly, and we are wellcoming any user suggestions of what features they wish to see in our Dapp!

*in attached images the dapp is not yet fetching images




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We have now updated our marketplace. Added new information and functionallities.

Update progress:

Landing page:

Collections sorted by volume.

Inside specific collection. Switch between all marketplaces (aggregator)

Nft overview with history of NFT. Buy/cancel/claim available only when wallet is connected.

Confirmation window:

Activity of that specific collection (all marketplaces)

Wallet overview:

Wallet detailed overview:

Send or sell nft from wallet portfolio:


We are adding Mint page, some overview modals on main page and it is ready to go live!

Appreciate your support.


Updated collections page to show volume and floor prices now. Collections are also sorted by volume.


The marketplace is now live!


Nice project, we have been waiting for one so long. One thing we have all noticed is about users. We need more users on kleverchain, what plans do your team have to market your platform and the entire Klever Blockchain? Do you have a budget for that


Happy to be part of @KunaiKash launch and its movementπŸš€

We developed Pre-Sale tool for them, fully customizable to their needs.

The tool worked flawless amidst hundreds of ingoing/outgoing transactions.

Soon available to projects on Klever Blockchain under our Launchpad :rocket: $KLV

The kunai token sale ended in record breaking 13 minutes, which proves the stabillity of tool we developed for them.

It can be customized to any KDA token, prices, and amounts.

Which new project on Klever Blockchain will be next? :wink: