How to Create Your Own NFT Collection on KleverChain with KleverScan: A Quick Guide

:rocket: Dive into the World of NFTs with KleverChain and KleverScan! :rocket:

Hey there, tech enthusiasts and Klever minds!

Are you intrigued by the NFT revolution and eager to create your very own digital masterpiece? Look no further! In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of crafting your own NFT collection on KleverChain using the powerful tool, KleverScan. Get ready to unleash your creativity and make your mark in the digital art universe!

  1. Prepare Your Tools: Ensure you have the Klever Extension installed and connected to KleverScan. Click on ‘Show Wallet’ to access your linked account’s features.
  2. Initiate Your Transaction: Navigate to ‘Create Transaction’ and select ‘Create Asset.’ Here, you’ll find the magic button for unleashing NFT creativity.
  3. Choose NFT Option: Opt for the ‘NFT’ radio button. Remember, we’re crafting a collection of NFTs, not just a single token. The details for individual tokens will come in the next tutorial.
  4. Fill in the Essentials: Populate the fields with your collection’s name, ticker (its unique identifier), maximum supply, and a valid URI for the logo. Ensure your logo format is jpg, png, or SVG.
  5. Add Extra Information: Want to add Twitter accounts, whitepapers, or more? Click ‘Add’ and include as many URIs as you need. The creative possibilities are endless!
  6. Explore Advanced Settings: Dive into the available properties, using tooltips as your guide. Customize your NFT collection to perfection.
  7. Confirm and Create: When you’re satisfied with your settings, hit ‘Create Transaction.’ A Klever Extension window will appear, requesting your confirmation. Note that a nominal fee of 20,000 KLV is required for this transaction.
  8. Congratulations! You’re an NFT Creator: You’ve just birthed your very own NFT collection on KleverChain using KleverScan! Access your masterpiece by clicking on the ‘Asset ID’ field. It’s that simple!

:movie_camera: Ready to Begin Your NFT Journey? Watch the Tutorial Now! :movie_camera:

Are you excited to start your NFT adventure? To watch a detailed walkthrough of this process, click here and let the creativity flow! With KleverChain and KleverScan, the digital art world is your canvas.

Get started today and make your mark in the vibrant realm of NFTs! Unleash your creativity, craft your unique collection, and join the revolution.