How to Mint your NFTs on KleverChain with KleverScan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to step into the exciting world of NFTs? Creating your own non-fungible tokens has never been easier! With KleverChain and KleverScan, you can mint your unique digital assets effortlessly. Let’s walk through the process together in this comprehensive guide:

Step 1: Access the Create Transaction Page To start your NFT minting journey, navigate to the Create Transaction page on KleverScan. Here, you’ll find a range of options to explore. For minting NFTs, select the Asset Trigger option.

Step 2: Choose Mint Operation Within the Trigger Type section, opt for the Mint operation. This selection is pivotal, as it initiates the creation of your NFT tokens within a collection.

Step 3: Select Your Collection Now, it’s time to pick the collection where your tokens will be minted. If you haven’t created a collection yet, don’t worry! Refer to our previous tutorial here for a detailed guide on setting up your collection.

Step 4: Fill in the Details In this step, provide the necessary information. Specify the receiver’s address and the quantity of tokens you wish to mint. Let’s say you want to mint 10 NFT tokens. The receiver address is pre-filled with your address by default. Review the details carefully.

Step 5: Create Your Transaction Once you’ve confirmed all the information, click on the ‘Create Transaction’ button. A Klever Extension window will appear, prompting you to sign the transaction. Take a moment to verify all the details. If everything appears correct, click ‘Sign’.

Step 6: Congratulations, You’ve Minted Your NFTs! Fantastic job! You’ve successfully created your non-fungible NFT tokens on KleverChain using KleverScan. To view your newly minted tokens, navigate to the transaction details page. Additionally, easily access your recently created tokens by clicking on ‘Account Details’ in the Show Wallet menu, finding your NFT collection, and selecting ‘View NFTs’. It’s as simple as that—creating NFTs has never been more straightforward!

:movie_camera: Ready to Dive In? Watch Our Tutorial Video! :movie_camera: Are you eager to see these steps in action? Check out our tutorial video: “Are you ready to create your own non-fungible NFT token on KleverScan using Klever Extension? Don’t worry, it’s super easy!”

This video will guide you visually through each step, ensuring you have a seamless experience while minting your NFTs. Click here to watch the video now and embark on your NFT creation journey today!