Klever-Radar - Monitoring & Analysis of the blockchain

Klever-Radar is a multifunctional website that provides detailed, real-time analyses of the Klever blockchain. Each user and/or validator can create their own dashboard and receive important transactions and status updates in real time. (via the own Klever-Radar Bot)

The idea behind this was to make it easy for validators to monitor their node and provide analyses without any prior knowledge.

The individual user pages are actively used and their functions are constantly being expanded. According to Google Analytics, we have many hits worldwide.

Real-time functionality:

  • Wallet Tracking - Incoming and Outgoing Transactions

  • Validator Tracking - Lost Blocks, Sync Status, Reward Overview, Delegator Overview

  • API for delegator lists for each epoch for each validator

  • Real-time map for transactions (MAP)

  • Map of Elected and Unelected

  • Reward calculation online

  • Asset statistics

and much more.


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Very nice, please do you have any plan to implement it into a mobile app?


@CryptoJaeger bro, we are in need you here to answer the user’s question. :wink: