How to use Klever-Radar

Klever Radar is a free portal for real-time monitoring of validators and wallets, as well as activities in the blockchain.

This has so far been controlled via the Telegram messenger service.

Where can I find the Klever Radar Bot?

Click on this link Telegram: Contact @KleverRadarBot

Press on Start.

Now the following menu will open below the chat.

A list of currently elected validators

Open Pools
A list of validators who have free capacity for delegations

Current open proposals

Current data
Here you get an overview of your validators with detailed information. (You can also find this on your personal status page)

My page
When you click on this menu item you will receive the link to your personal dashboard.
This is something your dashboard looks like:

Example - UserPage

Preview Wallets
This is a preview of possible returns from staking for each individual wallet you track, including individual buckets.

Info Wallets
This is an overview of all tracked wallets, assets, staking returns and other information.

Tracked Wallets
This is an overview of your tracked wallets.

My Validators
This is an overview of your validators.

My Chats
This is an overview of your proposed chats.

Official Infos
This is a list of all official KLEVER Channels.

This is an overview of all possible commands.

Test Chats
This button starts an test run with a test message on your proposed chats.


/add validator ValidatorAddress β†’ Add validator to watcher

/remove validator ValidatorAddress β†’ Remove validator from watcher

  • in addition you can add a node to specific validator:

/add node ValidatorAddress β†’ Add your node to your validator.

/remove node ValidatorAddress β†’ Remove your node from validator.

/add fallback ValidatorAddress β†’ Add your backupnode to your validator.

/remove fallback ValidatorAddress β†’ Remove your backupnode from validator.

!!! Hint: You need to change the config.yaml redundancy to 1 on fallback nodes. !!!

/add chat ChatID β†’ Add a chat For regular updates.

Hint: The Klever-Radar Bot needs rights to write messages.

If you don’t know the ChatID, enter /mychat

in the relevant channel. Answer is the ChatID you need.

/remove chat ChatID

*** Remove a chat from regular updates.

/add wallet WalletAddress YourInfo β†’ Add wallet To watcher

/remove wallet WalletAddress β†’ Remove wallet from watcher

/delegation true/false
Warns you if you fall below the minimum delegation. Default value Is 10M KLV.

/amountdelegation amount β†’ Set the threshold for warnings about delegationamount.

/setalias YourWishName β†’ Set the name of your own page on klever-radar.

/removealias β†’ Set the name to the regulary number of your account

/Help β†’ Help about this bot.

/Erase β†’ Erase all my userdata in this bot.

You can summarize your Klever validators and get an

evaluation every epoch or at the push of a button.

If you want to distribute these evaluations automatically to

other groups you can add the groups (ChatID’s).

enable chatelections β†’ Enable elected notify to your chats

disable chatelections β†’ Disable elected notify to your chats

enable chatoverview β†’ Enable epoch overview to your chats

disable chatoverview β†’ Disable epoch overview to your chats

enable overview β†’ Enable epoch overview tracked wallets

disable overview β†’ Disable epoch overview tracked wallets

If you click on a validator name, you will be taken to a website that displays the validator’s history and shows the yields broken down by date. A data export to CSV is also offered.