Proposal #22 for the NFT collections -> Lower cancel fee of MarketOrder & Raise Fee for sell NFT

New proposal is created on the Kleverchain with number #22
KApp Fee for Cancel Market Order & KApp Fee for Sell

This proposal is to get the Cancel MarketOrder Kapp Fee lower from 50 KLV back to 10 KLV and to raise the NFT Sell Kapp fee from 10 KLV to 12 KLV.

Quote proposal :

Reducing fee to Cancel Market Order This proposal will reduce the fee to Cancel Market Order by 40 KLV. To offset the reduction the Sell fee will be increased by 2 KLV. Old, Kapp Fees: Cancel 50 KLV Sell 10 KLV New Kapp Fees: Cancel 10 KLV Sell 12 KLV

The power of decentralized governance rests in the hands of KFI holders, go vote your opinion, yes or no, the power is in your hands. :ocean::rocket:

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