Reduce KApp Fee for Cancel Market Order

Еsteemed Klever community!

We address you with a crucial proposal aimed at enhancing the trading conditions for NFTs on the Klever NFT Marketplace platforms. We suggest reducing the delisting fees for assets to 10 KLV to eliminate potential barriers for KleverChain users.

We believe that these changes are necessary to facilitate normal trading of your assets. It is essential for these actions to be perceived as routine transactions that do not restrict users in their trading experience. Given that many collections have “floor” prices close to the delisting fee, it becomes a costly procedure for users to maintain their sale orders in line with these prices.

Such limitations not only hinder the use of non-fungible assets on the Klever Chain but also lead to a reduction in the number of transactions on KleverChain. We urge you to support our proposal and vote in its favor, enabling users to trade non-fungible assets without unnecessary expenses for listing and delisting.

Thank you for your attention to our proposal. We are confident that, together, we can create more favorable conditions for all participants in the Klever ecosystem.

XPort Team


Make a proposal on kleverscan for voting.


If the cancel kapp fee is reduced, we’d like to see a Kapp fee increased to balance it out.
We propose dropping the cancel market order Kapp fee to 10 klv and increasing the claim Kapp fee to 3 klv.

Exactly! It’s a similar situation with asset creation fees. People are wary due to concerns about fraudulent tokens, but on the flip side, it hinders ecosystem development. It’s really a matter of personal responsibility. It’s like banning the sale of axes because they could be a safety risk to society! :smile::axe:


We like it when the idea is pre-discussed within the community. This way, we have a better chance of finding a compromise and only bringing proposals to a vote that have undergone public hearings. Additionally, we can share a link to this discussion, so the community has a better understanding of the issue and potential solutions


Reduceing the Cancel Fee by 40 klv without increasing another fee to compensate is irresponsible. Increasing the claim fee to 3 klv not only would help balance out the fees, it would make the claim fee greater then the transfer fee just as it was before epoch 2093.

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Hello @XPort_App

We see a proposal came in of your request.


Someone beat us to it. As I mentioned earlier, we would like to discuss this proposal with the community. In that case, let’s vote! @MathijsBok