Should we increase the KleverChain fee?

Every Klever Blockchain transaction incurs a minimum fee of 1.5 klv, equating to less than a cent ($0.00675) in total.

Fee distribution:

  • 0.5 KLV ($0.00225) is burned, reinforcing our deflationary approach :fire:
  • 0.5 KLV ($0.00225) rewards validators, ensuring network robustness :globe_with_meridians:
  • 0.5 KLV ($0.00225) is allocated to kfi staking holders, incentivizing participation :money_with_wings:

Affordable and efficient, a basic send transaction on KleverChain costs less than one cent!

:mag: Poll: We’re reassessing Klever Blockchain’s parameters and your perspective matters! What do you think about the minimum transaction fee of 1.5 klv?

:point_right: Should we increase the fee?

Your vote is crucial in shaping our blockchain’s future! :rocket:

  • Yes, increase it
  • No, keep it as is
  • I’m not sure
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Your voice is your choice, don’t allow others choose for you though majority carrys the vote, let’s how it goes