Proposal #23 for network -> Burning KLV increase and incentive KFI stake holders

New proposal is created on the Kleverchain with number #23
KApp Fee for Transfer & Fee Per Data Byte

This proposal is to get the network fees to 15 KLV per transfer as basic.

Quote proposal :

If passed then this proposal will benefit more the KFI governance stake holders due better incentive of the KleverChain usage. The proposal is to set Kapp fee transfer to 5 KLV and the Bandwidth to 10 KLV. From that bandwidth fee 50% will be burned so in this proposal 5 KLV. β†’ 5 KLV burned, 5 KLV to validators and 5 KLV to KFI governance holders.

This proposal gives the KFI stake holders a better incentive of holding KFI where also the burn rate gets increased.

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