🎉 Proposal #20 Takes the Stage: Live and Thriving at Epoch 2093!

:globe_with_meridians: Community-Driven Evolution: Our dynamic community has spoken, and the verdict is in—Epoch 2093 brings a remarkable transformation to our network’s transfer fee dynamics.

:bulb: What’s the Buzz?
The base transfer fee has undergone a facelift: 3 KLV for the price of 1 KLV, with the breakdown as follows: :fire: 1 KLV burned, :medal_sports: 1 KLV to our stellar validators, and :star: 1 KLV showering down on our KFI stakers.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Fee Per Data Byte: Buckle up for the ride—zooming from 4,000 to an exhilarating 8,000! :bar_chart:

:briefcase: KApp Fee for Transfer: A grand entrance at 1,000,000, up from the previous 500,000. Now, that’s what we call making a statement! :briefcase:

:dart: The Aims?

  • Forge a path for new validator creation :wrench:
  • Set the KLV value ablaze through burning :fire:
  • Elevate the stakes for our cherished KFI stakers :gem:

:spiral_calendar: Effective from Epoch 2093: Mark the calendars, friends—it’s a brand-new chapter for Klever Blockchain!

The power of decentralized governance rests in the hands of KFI holders, steering our ship towards exciting horizons. Let’s ride this wave of change together—onward and upward! :ocean::rocket:

Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and let’s make this journey unforgettable! :rocket::sparkles:

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