Unleash the Power of Security: A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing KleverSafe!

Hello, Klever enthusiasts! :rocket:

Today, we’re diving into the exciting realm of security as we guide you through the seamless installation process of your brand new KleverSafe, syncing it effortlessly with your Klever Wallet app on iOS or Android.

Let’s embark on this journey together:

  1. Power Up the Fort:
    Connect your KleverSafe device using the USB cable provided in the package. This is the first step to unlocking the vault of security.

  2. Navigate with Klever Finesse:
    Open the Klever Wallet K5 app and head to the Hamburger Setting Menu on the Home Screen.

  3. Connect the Dots:
    Under the Settings for KleverSafe, toggle the switch for “Connect KleverSafe.” Prepare for the magic to unfold!

  4. Bluetooth Ballet:
    A popup will appear. Choose your KleverSafe via Bluetooth and confirm the pairing by pressing the pink button when the LED light is blue.

  5. Syncing Symphony:
    Watch as your phone and KleverSafe dance through Bluetooth, establishing a secure connection with your Klever Wallet app.

  6. Create Your Fortress:
    In the new screen, select “Create Wallet” and set up an 8-digit security pin exclusive to your KleverSafe activities.

  7. Seed of Security:
    Read the disclaimer, agree, and choose between a 12 or 24-word seed phrase. Note: A new seed is generated each time you switch, so commit only when sure.

  8. Pen and Paper Ritual:
    Write down your chosen 12 or 24 words, ensuring the foundation of your security fortress is safely stored.

  9. Verification Voyage:
    Confirm the seed phrase to ensure accuracy. Once all words are correct, press “Continue” to proceed.

  10. Create Your Kingdom:
    Name your first wallet address (let’s call it “KleverSafe”) and choose KLV as the blockchain. Confirm with your KleverSafe pin.

  11. Sync Success:
    Press the pink button on your KleverSafe to sync the address. Voilà! Your address is now created and synced with your KleverSafe for all supported blockchains.

  12. Mission Accomplished:
    Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your KleverSafe, ensuring top-notch security for your crypto endeavors.

Ready to Dive Deeper? Watch the Video Tutorial!
For an immersive walkthrough, check out our video tutorial demonstrating each step. Click here to watch the tutorial now!

If you’re eager to explore more about KleverSafe and make it yours, visit kleversafe.io. Security never looked this good! :lock::sparkles: