How to create a new wallet on Klever Extension

Klever Extension is your door to the Web3. It is a secure and anonymous multi-crypto wallet to store crypto-assets and connect to dApps on several blockchains.

This tutorial shows how to set up a new wallet inside Klever Extension.

Step 1: Click on Klever Extension from the toolbar of your browser, then to set up a new wallet, click on Create a new wallet button.

Step 2: After carefully reading and accepting the Privacy Policy, click on Continue button.

Step 3: Set up a password that respects the mentioned requirements, then click on Continue button.

Warning: It is not possible to reset your password. In case you forget your > password, you need the 12-word seed to restore your wallet.

Step 4: After carefully reading the security notice, you have to click on I want to validate my seed button to proceed.

Step 4: Carefully, write down the 24-word seed of your wallet on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. You need those 24-word to restore your wallet in case of problem or to migrate into a new device. Once you write down your 24-word seed, click on Continue button.

In case you lose your 24-word seed, Klever is not responsible if you lose access to your funds due to any potential problem.

NEVER SHARE your 24-word seed with anyone even with Klever Support agent. Also, do not input your 24-word seed in any website or fake extension.

Step 5: Input the requested six words from your 24-word seed to verify that you saved it correctly. Then, click on Continue button.

Step 6: You are done! You own now a multi-crypto wallet which you can use inside your browser to store crypto-assets and to connect to Web3 dApps.

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