How to download and install K5 Wallet

With Klever wallet, you can hold, sell, buy and swap your crypto assets and earn passive income by staking, all of this with no registration or KYC.

You can download the Klever K5 wallet with following links:
Google Play : OneLink.To
Apple App : OneLink.To
Huawei App : OneLink.To

K5 Wallet is everything one needs in a crypto wallet. It is a simple, secure and anonymous multi-crypto wallet to store coins, tokens, and cryptocurrency assets from multiple blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), and Klever (KLV).

Step 1: Open the app, and carefully read the Privacy Policy. Then, you have to agree on the terms and tap on Continue button to proceed.

Step 2: Tap on Create Wallet button. Then, set up and confirm a security PIN code of your choice. Ensure that you remember your PIN code, as you have to provide the PIN code every time you open the app or make a transfer.

Step 3: After setting a PIN code, you will be redirected to a screen which displays the secret 12-words Seed of your wallet. Please, read carefully the displayed notice and tap onI Agree button. Then, write the secret 12-words on a piece of paper and tap on Continue button.

If you do not write down your 12 or 24-words Seed, then Klever is not responsible in case you lose access to your funds due to any problem that may happen to your device. You need the 12-words Seed to restore your wallet. And, Klever does not keep a copy of your 12- or 24-words Seed for security reasons.

NEVER SHARE your 12- or 24-words Seed with anyone even with Klever Support agent. Also, do not input your 12- or 24-words Seed in any website or fake app.

Step 4: After writing down your secret 12-words, you have to verify them. To do this, input your 12-words, and then tap on Continue button. Note, words must be separated by space.

Step 5: At the end, you can enable the Biometry option before redirected to your Home screen.


Wow Thank you so much, I think there was update because since I uninstalled my K5 with 12 seed phrase in other to change to the 24 seed phrase in the process of trying to reinstall the k5 all I could see is that this version is not supported by your device, but I later used my friend phone to change to 24 seed phrase but after since then I have not been using Klever wallet,… but with this link I now downloaded it without any stress


Thanks for this information

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