Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrade from a 12-Word Seed to a 24-Word Seed in Klever Wallet

Hello Klever Community!

Klever Wallet has introduced a 24-word Seed feature, enhancing the security of your cryptocurrency assets. If you’re currently using a 12-word Seed, it’s highly recommended to switch to the 24-word Seed for added security.

Here’s a straightforward guide to make this transition smooth and secure:

Before You Begin:

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the Klever Wallet. If not, download it here.
  • Remember, safeguarding your 12-word Seed and Private Keys is crucial.
    Keep them secure and handy!

Step-by-Step Migration Process:

  • Backup Your 12-Word Seed and Private Keys:
    • Each account in your wallet has a unique Private Key. Back them up individually.
    • To backup, go to the Menu > Security > Backup Wallet. Input your PIN and follow the prompts.
  • Reset Your Wallet:
    • After backing up your data, reset your wallet. This can be done from the Menu > Security > Reset Wallet. Enter your PIN to confirm.
    • Caution: Resetting without a backup means you cannot recover your wallet or assets.
  • Create a New Wallet with a 24-Word Seed:
    • Upon resetting, create a new wallet. Follow the app instructions to set a new 24-word Seed. Write this down and store it safely.
    • Verify your new Seed as instructed by the app.
  • Import Accounts Using Private Keys:
    • Now, import your old accounts using their respective Private Keys. This is done under Balance > (+) icon > IMPORT WITH PRIVATE KEY.
    • Enter the Blockchain, account name, and Private Key for each account you wish to import.
  • Transfer Assets to Your New Wallet:
    • Transfer your funds from the old accounts to the new ones. Do this for each asset individually.
    • Remember to leave a small amount in some tokens like BTC to cover network fees.

Important Notes:

  • NEVER share your 24-word Seed with anyone, not even Klever Support.
  • Avoid entering your Seed on any unverified website or application.
  • For any uncertainties, reach out to Klever Support.


  • Chain Selection for Transfers: Consider using different blockchains like TRX or BNB for transferring assets. This is especially useful for cryptocurrencies like BTC, which don’t have sub-tokens. Transferring 100% of your BTC ensures your wallet is completely cleared, as there are no associated sub-tokens to consider.

  • Handling of Imported Private Keys: It’s important to understand that Private Keys imported into your new wallet with the 24-word Seed are not stored within the Seed itself. These imports are a temporary measure, designed to facilitate the easy transfer of funds from your old wallets to the new ones. Once the transfer is complete, these imported keys do not become part of your wallet’s core security structure governed by the 24-word Seed.

This upgrade is a significant step in enhancing the security of your digital assets. While it might seem a bit technical, following these steps carefully will ensure a smooth transition. Your security is our top priority, and this upgrade is a testament to that commitment.