How to migrate from 12-words Seed to 24-words Seed

Your security is our priority. Klever Wallet now supports 24-word Seed. A powerful upgrade for your crypto’s safety. We recommend you consider moving your funds from your 12-word Seed wallets to the more secure 24-word Seed option. This is an easy and effective way to enhance your crypto security. To upgrade your wallet into 24-word Seed, kindly follow these steps:

Backup 12-word Seed and Private Keys

Your wallet has a 12-word Seed shared between all Accounts. Additionally, each Account has a unique Private Key. You have to backup the Private Key of every Account that contains funds. You have to do it Account per Account, in turn. The private key is 64 characters long.

There is a Private Key per Account (Blockchain), not per asset. For example, TRX and TRC20 USDT have the same Private Key. To backup that Private Key, you have to select TRX in Step 2 below. Similarly, for ETH, BNB and other Blockchains. Be aware here for the difference between BNB (BinanceCoin - BEP2) and BNB (Binance Smart Chain - BEP20). If you have two TRX Accounts (TRX Main Account and another TRX account), then you have to backup the Private Key of each account.

You can backup the 12-word Seed and the Private Key of a specific Account as follows:

Step 1 : Tap on the 3-bars Menu from the Bottom-left corner of the Portfolio screen. Then, tap on Backup Wallet under the Security section and input the PIN code which is required to access the secrets of the wallet.

Step 2 : Carefully read the SECURITY ALERT, and enable the toggle, then tap on the Okay I got it! button. In the next screen, select a blockchain, then select an Account.

Step 3 : You will be redirected to a screen where you can switch between the PRIVATE KEY and SEED tabs. You have the option to copy the Private Key and the SEED to the Clipboard, however, the best practice is to write them down on a piece of paper.

If you are not sure the Private Keys of which Accounts (Blockchains) you should backup, please contact Klever Support:

Reset Wallet

After backing-up the 12-word Seed and Private Keys, you can now reset your wallet. Note that, if you don’t feel comfortable for this step, you may restore your wallet using the 12-word Seed on another device. Like that, you will have peace of mind.

To reset your wallet, tap on the 3-bars Menu from the Bottle-left corner of the Portfolio screen. Then, tap on Reset Wallet under the Security section and input the PIN code to reset.

If you reset your wallet without backing-up the 12-word Seed and Private Keys of your wallet, then you will not able to recover your wallet and your assets again. In this case, Klever is not responsible for you losing your funds.

Create a new wallet with 24-word Seed

After resetting your wallet, you can now create a new wallet with 24-word Seed as follows:

Step 1: Open the app, and carefully read the Privacy Policy. Then, you have to agree on the terms and tap on Continue button to proceed.

Step 2: Tap on Create Wallet button. Then, set up and confirm a security PIN code of your choice. Ensure that you remember your PIN code, as you have to provide the PIN code every time you open the app or make a transfer.

Step 3: Read carefully the displayed notice and tap on I Agree button. Then, write down the secret 24-word on a piece of paper and tap on Continue button.

If you do not write down your 24-word Seed, then Klever is not responsible in case you lose access to your funds due to any problem that may happen to your device. You need the 24-word Seed to restore your wallet. And, Klever does not keep a copy of your 24-word Seed for security reasons.

NEVER SHARE your 24-word Seed with anyone even with Klever Support agent. Also, do not input your 24-word Seed in any website or fake app.

Step 4: After writing down your secret 24-word, you have to verify them. To do this, input your 24-word, and then tap on Continue button.

Step 5: At the end, you can enable the Biometry option before redirected to your Portfolio screen.

Import accounts from the old wallet using Private Keys

Now you have, on each Blockchain, a Main Account created using 24-word Seed. To import your old Accounts created using 12-word Seed, you have to use their Private Keys. You have to import the old Accounts one by one, as follows:

Step 1: Go under the Portfolio and tap on the (+) icon from the top-right corner. Then, tap on the Add new account Account under Add options , tap on IMPORT WITH PRIVATE KEY .

Step 2: Select the Blockchain of the Account you want to import, type any Account Name you want, and input the Private Key. Once you input a valid Private Key, the address will automatically appear. At the end, tap on Import button and input your 6-digit PIN code.

Transfer your assets from the old accounts to the new accounts

Now you can transfer your funds from the old Accounts (imported Accounts) into the new Accounts (Main Accounts). You have to transfer your assets one by one. It is up to you, but at your own risk, if you would like to leave your assets on the old accounts to save fees. Then, you can transfer them gradually when you want.

You can transfer tokens from one account to another as follows:

Step 1: Go to the imported Account (the old Account) and tab on the SEND icon. Then, choose 100% to send all your balance and tab on the Next button. Note, for some tokens like BTC you may have not to send 100% in order to leave a small amount to cover the network fees.

Step 2: In the next page, tab on the Book icon to select an account from your accounts. Then, select Main Account (the new Account).

Step 3: Tab on Next button. In the next screen, you can see the details of the transaction. Tab on Submit Transaction button to proceed.

Step 4: At the end, input your secret PIN-code or use your Biometrics to sign the transaction, then you are done!


Thank you sir, please is it compulsory to back up private key because am only used to backing up my seed phrase only, is there any implications for not saving private key?

Hello, and good question.

The best is to have :

  • Seedphrase
  • Private key of every wallet you use in app

When you have the PK then you can use the wallet address also on the networks itself in times of need

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Thanks for the clarification