How to Create and Manage an Avail Account


This guide will walk you through two different ways of creating an account on Avail, while also providing insights into the account specifications and formats.

Seed Phrases

Before creating an account, it’s essential to understand seed phrases. During the account creation process, you’ll receive a seed phrase—a series of words that can be used to recover your account.

Creating an Account on Avail DA

In this guide, we will walk you through two different ways of creating an account on the Goldberg testnet of Avail DA.

  1. Go to the Apple Store(opens in a new tab), Google Play(opens in a new tab) or Huawei Store and install the Klever Wallet app. Once installed, you should see two different options to get started. We will create a new wallet from scratch, although you can restore an existing wallet too.

  2. Klever Wallet will prompt you to set up a PIN to secure access to the accounts in the wallet. First you will need to set the PIN and you will need to confirm the PIN.

  3. You can make your wallet even more secure by activating biometric/faceID authentication.

  4. Done! Your wallet is created. You can choose to backup your seeds now or later. We’ll do it now like Klever recommended.

  5. Read the security warnings and by clicking on the I Agree button you’ll see your seeds. It’s really important to write your seeds in exactly the same order as shown and keep them in a safe place.

  6. Now you can write your seeds that you have written before in exactly the same order.

  7. In your portfolio, click on + Tokens button and search for Avail. You just need to activate it and you’ll be able to use the Avail blockchain inside Klever Wallet.

Next Steps

Congratulations on successfully creating and managing your Avail account! Remember to always safeguard your account details, JSON file, and seed phrase to ensure the security of your assets.

Ready to explore further? Navigate to the next guide to learn how to use the Goldberg Testnet Explorer and get hands-on experience with the network.

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