Genesis nodes - EOL?

The Klever Blockchain is running stable and has more than enough Community Validator nodes - ~110 in total since 1 year and 4 months.
How long does Klever plan to stick to the Genesis nodes?


I’d like to see this get attention and an answer from Klever as well. Any klever-node updates are being tested on testnet as they should be for any issues/bugs, but it’s time for community run nodes to do the heavy lifting now on mainnet as it’s been stable for a long while now. I think it’s time…


You have a point! Yes, we have plans to remove the Genesys nodes, but we will do so gradually. First, we will have a major update with Klever VM. Until then, we will keep the nodes to help ensure a smooth and secure update for everyone. After the update, we will gradually and systematically shut down the Genesys nodes. Just in time, we will inform y’all.


Awesome, thanks for the response! Good to know you have a plan to do so :slight_smile: