Attention Klever Community! Take Action to Boost Your Earnings!

Hey there, awesome Klever Community!

It’s time for a quick check-in and a bit of housekeeping. Let’s make sure your buckets are in tip-top shape! :rocket:

Head over to this link: Validators | Klever Explorer

Scroll through pages 14 to 17 and give a look at the validators listed there. What’s the deal? Well, these validators are taking a nap – they’re inactive! :sleeping:

Now, we don’t want your hard-earned rewards going to waste, do we? Nah, that’s not our style! So, here’s the scoop: if your buckets are chilling with these inactive validators, you’re missing out on those sweet earnings. Sad, right? But fear not, we’ve got a solution!

Here’s the game plan: Remove your bucket(s) from those snooze-mode validators and shift them over to the ACTIVE ones. That’s where the action’s at! :muscle:

Why settle for nothing when you could be raking in rewards like a champ? Let’s boost those earnings and keep the momentum rolling!

So, what are you waiting for? Take charge, take action, and let’s make those buckets work for you! :boom:

And hey, while you’re at it, show some love to our buddy @MathijsBok over on Twitter:

Let’s keep the Klever vibes strong! :fire: