Errors in Klever Extension

Nothing has changed, all the same errors remain!

Web wallet not working
What’s the point of doing a promotion on Twitter if the wallet doesn’t work properly?! Constant loading in the upper right corner, inactive Swap and NFTs buttons, no way to add new coins. Nothing loads and even no VPN helps. And there is no bottom menu either.

When logging out and logging in, the web page reloads
After blocking your wallet and entering your password, the page in the browser you are on reloads. If this is tracking user interactions in the browser, then it is illegal and will only have dire consequences for Klever. If this is just some kind of bug, then it urgently needs to be fixed.

Hi Antonio, sorry to hear that from you.
We are aware of these issues on our previous version.
We are working on a better release that will be released soon.
Please fill to download and give us your feedback.

Thanks in advance

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Hello. I’ll wait for the new version and check for bug fixes there.

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