FAQ about Klever Extension

You find below some Frequently Asked Questions about Klever Extension.

Is Klever Extension a custodial or a non-custodial wallet?
Klever Extension is a non-custodial wallet. This means that Klever doesn’t have any control on your funds. You are the only one who owns the keys of your wallet, and thus you have full control on your funds.

What are the blockchains supported by Klever Extension?
Currently, Klever Extension supports the following blockchains: Klever, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Polkadot, and Kusama. More blockchains will be supported later on.

Can I restore my wallet from Klever Wallet (mobile app) on Klever Extension?
Yes. You can use the 24-word Seed to restore your wallet from K5 Wallet on Klever Extension, and vice versa. Note, to restore only a specific account, you have first to create a new wallet on Klever Extension, then you use the private key to import that account as an additional account.

Can I manually add blockchains/networks to Klever Extension?
No. This feature might be available in the future. Currently, only Klever can integrate a new blockchain/network.

Can I manually add custom tokens to Klever Extension?
No. This feature will be available in the future. Currently, to add a token, kindly contact Klever Support and perform a request.

How can I reset my password on Klever Extension?
You cannot reset your password on Klever Extension. If you forget your password, you have to re-install the extension (remove it, then download it again) and restore your wallet using the 24-word Seed. If you don’t have a backup of your 24-word Seed, then you have to try to guess your password.

I used Klever Extension to invest in a project and I got scammed, can Klever help?
No. Klever Extension is a tool to access blockchain applications. You can use it to connect your wallet to any application you want. It is your responsibility to perform as much research as possible about any project before using its application. Please, be cautious and don’t connect your wallet to any application you don’t know and fully trust.

Does Klever take fees on deposits and withdrawals from Klever Extension wallet?
No. Klever doesn’t charge you any fee for deposits (receive) and withdrawals (send) from Klever Extension. However, in case of withdrawal, you have to pay a network fee as Klever Extension is a non-custodial wallet. Network fee is paid to blockchain validators, so, it depends on the token you are withdrawing. Moreover, it might be dynamic (not a fixed amount). On KleverChain, a send transaction (a withdrawal) costs Bandwidth Fee + KApp Fee for Transfer. On other blockchains, such as Ethereum and BSC, you have to check the current gas price to have an estimation of the fee (Ethereum gas station, BSC gas station).