NEW Klever Extension now available for download

Guess whatโ€™s arrived in the Chrome Web Store :eyes:

Start your seamless crypto experience with NEW #KleverExtension now :fire:

:white_check_mark: Initial release supports Klever Blockchain with more to come - Tron, Ethereum, Bitcoin & beyond!

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Guys, set the wallet auto-blocking time in the settings. Well, itโ€™s annoying when it is constantly automatically blocked and there is no way to set the appropriate auto-blocking time.

Hi Antonio, thanks for the feedback, we will be considering that.

Why did you add a white border (frame) to the extension? This is just some kind of horror, it interrupts the entire design. Why do I need this white frame if I have a dark wallet theme?! Donโ€™t spoil the design, remove this white frame, it only causes irritation that it wants to close the wallet and not use it at all.

Hi Antonio, I couldnt find out that white border, but anyway we are developing the new design, and will be considering that. Thanks