Make the swap display in dollars and make the second field active

Here’s an example of dex - why can they display the price in dollars, but KleverSwap can’t?! Why can an Exodus or Atomic swap wallet display the price in dollars, but KleverSwap cannot?! This basis of all dexes is to display the number of coins and the price in dollars, otherwise the user will not be able to see the difference in the exchange rate in dollars.

For example, a user wants to exchange 1 ETH for KLV. At the same time, for 1 ETH ($2100) he is owed 439,900 KLV, but instead he will be shown 385,200 in the swap - how will he see that he is greatly overpaying if the swap does not display in dollars?!

P.S. And make the second field active so that the user can indicate the desired number of coins he wants to receive. Is it really that hard to do?! For a programmer, this is an hour of work maximum. But make the exchange process easier for users.


Hey mate! I’ve loved your suggestion about adding the dollar price, we are going to add on both web and mobile versions.

About the second field active is something that we are already testing at the web and will be prioritized at the mobile soon.

Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate that! :purple_heart: