KDA swap feature

Im pleased to show recent addition to Rare :art:Canvas NFT marketplace:


We have many tokens that are airdropped or earned by holding NFTs on Kleverchain, but most of them cannot be traded.

This was going through my head for a long time, and i allways thought on how to implement this feature using available contracts at the moment.

With cooperation with KleverKID, who provided liquidity for both sides we finally launched early version of swap.

Swap is limited to what is possible to achieve on Kleverchain, so the liquidity can be provided by swap owner only, also owner sets the BUY and SELL ratio.

Max and min swap amounts are available to be set too.

In case of KID token, the ratio is 1:4, meaning for each KID user buys, the price is 4 KLV, same is for sell.

There are 2 fees included:

-Swap fee, which is set to 1% in this pair, which stays in “pool” to increase liquidity over time
-Fixed fee, which is 20 KLV, and is used to cover network fees + small income for swap provider.

This swap pair will be tested for some time, and we will be gradually adding more KDA tokens (if project owners decide to and would wish to provide swapping for their tokens)

We will be also exploring and testing the dynamic ratio, which will be determined by amount of token A and token B in “Pool”

Feel free to try it at: Rare Canvas - NFT Marketplace on Klever Chain

Regards, Ali


Thanks for letting us be part of this historic event!

Keep up the good work :clap: keep on building :muscle::fire:

:fire: Great start! It’s fantastic to see more opportunities for holders! It’s crucial that holders can freely trade their assets when needed


Great job as always…:partying_face::raised_hands:

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