How to Swap Tokens inside K5 Wallet

K5 Wallet allows users to smoothly swap between a big list of coins and tokens including BTC, ETH,KLV, LTC, BNB, TRX, USDC, USDT, BUSD, MATIC etc.

To swap between two tokens inside K5 Wallet, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the Swap tab (resembles upward and downward arrow sign) from the bottom right of home screen. Start screen can change, but icon is the same for enter the swap.

  2. From the tokens list, select the token you want to swap. Then, the token you want to get.

  3. Enter the desired amount to swap (YOU PAY). Note, there is a Minimum value to swap. Once done, click on Next button.

  4. Price update alert: During the time you were setting up your swap, there were changes in the token values, Click on Continue button

  5. Select the Account you want to receive the tokens on. You can select from your Accounts or Contacts by clicking on the Book icon. Alternatively, you can paste an address from the Clipboard or scan a QR code.

  6. Choose if you want to Pay Fee with KLV by enabling the related button. Once done, click on next button.

  7. In the next confirm swap screen, user can see Swap details and amount details which includes fees, slippage, converted amount etc. Click on confirm Button.

  8. After, you will be redirected to a screen which confirms that your order is placed. You can copy your swap identifier and relax. You will receive your tokens after a while.

    For any issue you may face while you are performing a swap you can contact Klever Support at:


Thanks for the guide, then let’s swap like legends :grin: