Klever DEX or Swaps of new KDA tokens

Currently, it is not possible to trade or swap the created KDA Tokens (KID/PMD). When can we really expect an integration into Klever Swap or a Klever DEX? This is really important and also helps the community and the projects. How was it possible that CHIPS was added to KleverSWAP?

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Hey there! Might be interested in our project and plans for developing a DEX once it becomes possible on KleverChain! Check it out in the Klever Hackathon!

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Sure…thanks…but just thinking why a swap for chips token is possible and for other kda not. Can you answer?

Hey @Thomas_Senekowitsch , hope you’re doing well!

Great question! In order for a token to be enabled on Klever SWAP, it needs a liquidity source. It’s ideal to have pairs listed on an exchange so that the swap engine can use it as a source. For KDA tokens, we recommend the token owner to request a listing on bitcoin.me through the listing request form here: Crypto Exchange: Best Crypto Trading Platform | Bitcoinme. Once listed on bitcoin.me, you can reach out to the Wallet team to enable the specific KDA on SWAP.


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