Interesting ideas

Interesting ideas for DEVIKINS:

  • on the game market, make a commission on all products of 5-10%
  • implement the offer mode on the game market (already implemented on the stock exchange)
  • implement the auction mode in the game market
  • automatic selection of pink 10 tickets in “Void adventures” (so as not to choose every time - because I’m already bored :slight_smile:
  • introduce a large metamap to the game, where you can choose a location and strategically conquer lands and resources. Do it slowly and very interestingly.
  • possible clan battles on the metamap, etc
  • autocorrection of expected transactions when transferring NFT with “Fail” status (so as not to write letters every time)
  • in the “Klever” wallet profile, make it possible to install the DEVIKINS avatar, which is on the balance. However, the NFT can be forwarded and used without losing the profile image.

Visually market on the whole screen

Commission from the sale of goods as a percentage, in the range of 5-10%

In the Devikins section, it is very inconvenient to review the genes of each character. Make them visible immediately on the main page.

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Make it possible to expand the “market” to full screen. At the moment, the view is very compressed and uncomfortable.

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We want a pitched battle where we can deploy all our troops onto the battlefield.