Interesting ideas

Interesting ideas for DEVIKINS:

  • on the game market, make a commission on all products of 5-10%
  • implement the offer mode on the game market (already implemented on the stock exchange)
  • implement the auction mode in the game market
  • automatic selection of pink 10 tickets in “Void adventures” (so as not to choose every time - because I’m already bored :slight_smile:
  • introduce a large metamap to the game, where you can choose a location and strategically conquer lands and resources. Do it slowly and very interestingly.
  • possible clan battles on the metamap, etc
  • autocorrection of expected transactions when transferring NFT with “Fail” status (so as not to write letters every time)
  • in the “Klever” wallet profile, make it possible to install the DEVIKINS avatar, which is on the balance. However, the NFT can be forwarded and used without losing the profile image.