Ideas to increase Klever transactions and boost Devikins

[English machine translation]

・Every time the transaction volume on KleverWallet reaches a certain amount, you will receive a consumable item NFT that permanently strengthens Devikins’ NFT.

・This item NFT can be used for Devikin NFT that you own, and there is no limit to the number of times you can use it. The status will increase according to the rarity of the Devikins using this item NFT.

・This allows you to make Devikin NFTs of any rarity stronger by spending time with any rarity.

・Although NFT is data that remains semi-permanently, in most blockchain games, those who have high NFTs, that is, those who have money, have an overwhelming advantage.

If this system is introduced, you will be able to grow your favorite NFTs even if they are of low rarity if you take the time.

-This item NFT can be received by people who do not play the game, and unnecessary item NFT can be sold for profit.

・We can expect an increase in transaction volume through transactions for acquiring items + buying and selling NFTs and using NFTs.

(KLV staking rewards will also increase)


・このアイテムNFTは自身が保有するDevikin NFTに使用する事が出来、使用回数に制限はない。このアイテムNFTを使用するDevikinsのレアリティに応じてステータスが上昇する。

・これにより、どのレアリティでも時間をかければどのレアリティのDevikin NFTも強くする事が出来ます。