[suggestion]KLV 1 Million Violet Club

A service that can only be used by those who hold 1 million KLV or more in the KleverWallet.

You can communicate with Klever administrators using a dedicated Discord.

Depending on the time, we will give away commemorative Klever-issued NFTs by lottery, etc.

As a reward for contributing to increasing the scarcity of KLV.

Even if KLV were distributed evenly, there would only be 10,000 people holding 1 million KLV.

It would be worthwhile for Klever to listen to and reward such high value holders.





KLV が均等に分配されたとしても、100 万 KLV を保有している人は 1 万人しかいません。

Klever がそのような価値の高い値保有者の意見に耳を傾け、優遇することは価値があることではないでしょうか。

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