About the Devikins Game

Devikins NFTs are the playable characters of the RPG game, Devikins. Players can collect, breed, grow, and battle with their Devikins NFTs. A Devikins NFT is addressed as a Devikin, a cute being originally from the Void, the main world of Devikins game. A Devikin exists inside of Devikins and outside of it. You do not have to be a player to collect these adorable rascals. You can hold them in your wallet and never bring it to the game.

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There should be better benefits for DVK holders in the game so they get an advantage for holding it

As well there were some issues where player were not able to claim daily/rewards and xp-points on the 1st and 2nd of January that was.

More than 6 days with the same procreation error without being able to claim

What would you consider better benefits?

@dio Are there plans to ensure players who logged in with this error get the exact missed daily rewards or is it going to be a compensation?

The team is looking at it. Should be fixed soon.

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Hello. I was told that you helped with my question related to gamecenter
I registered through gamecenter. I did not enter my password or login. For the game it turns out I don’t have them. Also, just to be sure, I tried to output some dvk, but a window appeared saying that output was not available for users registering in this way. Please clarify, will this be fixed later? or do I need to create a new account right now using the classic method via login and password?

I intend to stay in the game for a long time as long as I am also interested. But it worries me. I registered an account through the game center. The withdrawal is not available and I’m worried whether I should continue to develop on this account or register a new one and lose all my progress.

There is an update of this from the Moonlabs Team. You can see the announcement on the Devikins Discord Server Announcements channel.

Here is message:

Hello Devicitizens,

This message is for the players that have new accounts who started an account with gamecenter or Google Play Games and cannot make withdraws.

We are aware of the situation and developers are working on this. We can assure you that nothing will be lost.

On Monday there will be an announcement with some more information.

We thank you for your patience.

Suggestion: Make Dummikin’s weapon/equipment autodestruct when it’s used up to zero. Dummikin’s skill is visually with one star

Suggestion: full screen market

This suggestion should be for the equipment because the equipment can’t be used after the durability gets to 0.

However, players can still use the Replica weapon when the durability reaches 0 but the scaling would be halved and the ones with syncs would no longer have the syncs working.

Players that do not wish to use the broken weapons anymore can delete them if they choose to.