Implementation of auctions in-game

It would be interesting to include an option to be able to do auctions within the game.

Could be: Devikins, weapons, equipment, skills or even items.


I would add that there is a base price for the auction and from there it goes up according to whether they offer more


New development is currently on hold but an auction function was planned and far in development. I tested it myself.

However first we must get rid of bugs and increase the efficiency of coding.
Inroducing new features before doing so would only 8ncrease the chance of bugs.


Awesome !!! Will be amazing

Good to heard they fixing the bugs, hope they response on email because my new Russian players experiencing problems on their app. They saying no response to their email. They send me screenshots .To email.its been 4days now still no response to their concerns. I documenting it. Most watch views Today, now in my channels is from moving to assist them. There is already announcement tab in the game app. Use it,if you making changes .so all players are aware of it when you making changes in the game or even in the wallets related to DVK.
I was shock and I’m sad when I just read the news of father of Devikins Sergio and Liz left this game. Thank you. Giving good customer service support to answer them is building the “Trust” of my newbie players. Thank you.

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its one character is missing…

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