How to vote for a Tron Super Representative in Klever Wallet

When you Freeze TRX you acquire Tron Power, in addition to Bandwidth or Energy. Tron Power enables you to vote for a Tron Super Representative (SR). By voting for a Super Representative you will receive rewards. Each Super Representative gives its voters a certain percentage of the rewards it acquires by validating transactions on the Tron blockchain.

CryptoChain gives to the voters 90% of the acquired TRX. This means when you vote for CryptoChain you will proportionally receive 90% of the generated rewards.

Super Representative will also vote in behalf of you on proposals to perform changes on the Tron blockchain such as proposals to increase network fees or decrease rewards, for example.

You can vote for a Tron Super Representative inside K5 Wallet as follows:

Step 1: Tap on the Balance icon from the bottom menu on the home page. Then, select TRX(TRON) token and switch to the desired account

Step 2: Inside TRX Account, tap on VOTE icon. In the next screen tap on CryptoChain SR (official) , enter the number of votes, and tap on Add to Vote. In the next screen, you can see the number of votes and selected SR nad then tap on Confirm Votes. To vote for another SR you can scroll down on the list and tap on the desired SR.

NOTE: Each Tron Power unit (1 TRX frozen) gives you one vote. You can split your votes on multiple Super Representatives. To do that you have to repeat Steps 3 and 4 multiple times. Each time you have to choose an SR from the list and set a certain number of votes for it. Then, in the end, you confirm all votes at once in Step 5. The number displayed on Confirm Votes button indicates the number of SRs you have chosen to vote for them.

Step 3: In the last screen, you can review the voting details then tap Confirm on the Vote Confirmation screen. Note, you have to enter the PIN code to sign the transaction.

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