How can I add my NFT assets to "assets": {} in marketplace API?

Hello, I was able to create a marketplace on testnet. I created NFT asset and minted it several times but they don’t automatically show up on my marketplace API. How can I add my NFT assets to “assets”: {} section on API ?

You have to list your NFTs on your marketplace, then it will also be displayed there!

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Thanks @Andreas_Hennersdorf ! I don’t understand. How can I access my marketplace page? is it on KleverScan? My current testnet marketplace only exists on API. I don’t have a website for it yet. Here’s my testnet NFT asset that isn’t showing up on marketplace API. Asset - MYKLV2-7GJ5 | Klever Explorer

sure its on Kleverscan also…
Click on Create Transaction → Sell → choose the asset collection → and fill in your marketplace ID in the require field → select a Currency ID (like KLV) and the Price and click on Create Transaction!

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@Andreas_Hennersdorf wow! it worked well. Thanks a lot. I couldn’t understand it initially. Now my asset is showing up on testnet API.