Do quests for airdrops in Zealy

I don’t want to offend anyone, but even on the forum everything is confusing with quests. It is much easier to create tasks in Zealy - there you can also create categories and your tasks within categories. You can even create tasks that cannot be opened until you complete the previous task.

For example, in the main category you can create:

  1. Subscribe to Twitter
  2. Subscribe to discord
  3. Subscribe to telegram
  4. Subscribe to YouTube
  5. Download the wallet mobile app
  6. Specify your wallet address in the Klever project profile (not in the main profile settings, but in the Klever project profile)
  7. Specify your wallet address in the task (one-time task)
  8. Have a balance of at least 1000 KLV in the native Klever network (one-time task, report in the form of a wallet address)
  9. Make a swap of 2500 KLV to KFI in the native Klever KDA network (one-time task, report in the form of a link to the transaction, this task should be worth much more XP points)
  10. Make a transfer of KLV in any quantity to any address (daily task, report in the form of a link to the transaction)

Tasks for social networks:

  1. Like, leave a comment and repost the post (one-time task that can be added as many as you like for new posts, repost report in the form of a link)
  2. Write a thematic comment in Telegram (daily task, report as a link)
  3. Write a thematic comment in Discord (daily task, report as a link)
  4. Write a thematic post on Twitter (report as a link)

Training tasks:

  1. Visit the site
  2. Visit the blog
  3. Visit the forum
  4. Visit the Klever community
  5. Visit…

Partner tasks:

  1. You need to subscribe to such and such a project in Zealy and reach at least level 3 in it (report in the form of a screenshot)
  2. Subscribe to such and such a project on Twitter
  3. Subscribe to such and such a project on discord
  4. Subscribe to such and such a project in telegram
  5. Visit the website page of such and such a project
    The point here is partnerships between projects that post mutual tasks.

Tasks in Bitcoin me:

  1. Register (report in the form of ID)
  2. Make an exchange for $25
  3. Add liquidity to the pool of at least $25 for 2 weeks

Ambassador program:

  1. Administer discord
  2. Administer Twitter
  3. Administer telegram
  4. Record a video on YouTube about Klever services (weekly task)
  5. Create…

Referral program in Zealy:

  1. Invite 3 referrals
  2. Invite 5 referrals
  3. Invite 10 referrals
  4. Invite 20 referrals
  5. Invite 50 referrals
  6. Invite 100 referrals
  7. Invite 200 referrals
  8. Invite 500 referrals

Daily visit:

  1. Reward in points for daily visits to the Klever project in Zealy.

Accordingly, each task must contain detailed instructions, including where to purchase coins for the native Klever network. The amount of XP points you receive depends on the difficulty of the task. As a result, the more XP points a participant collects, the more KLV airdrop reward they will receive.

After the airdrop, all points are reset to zero and the company becomes inactive and has no tasks. With the next airdrop, new quests are created and participants begin collecting XP points from the very beginning.

P.S. This is the fastest and most effective way of PR and attracting more users than a bounty on the forum. Take action.


While you are thinking and planning to launch a quest there someday in Zealy, the same Everscale project has launched airdrop quests there with a very similar task structure as I described above. I don’t know if the quests had such an impact on the price or if it was some kind of planned pump on their part, but over the last week after the launch, the price of the coin almost doubled. And this is despite the recent hack, which they coped with quite well (by stopping all trading on all exchanges and dapps and gradually restarting the network and trading).

Platforms like Zealy and the like attract many more users than single posts on Twitter about airdrops. And note that I wrote for a reason that the report of reposts or posts should be in the form of links - the automatic check is zero, they will simply click and will not make reposts. If you want to attract 5-10 participants, post single posts about the airdrop on Twitter. If you want a mass approach, then you should think about such platforms as: Zealy, Galxe, QuestN, Layer3, TaskOn, Intract.