Devikins Suggestions Ideas : Customer Support Icon in the game Devikins

Its good to see a visible icon logo of customers service support directly into the game Devikins
So players will only click the icon of customers support and it will landing to the customer support. Giving the Best customer support services is one of the best and catchy to all players and gamers. Having 24hrs customer service support is Life changing to all games around the world. As game is playable around the world. Answer from customers support services is really big help for all users.
Once the customer satisfied to customer service you can put a link to give a Ratings on the game that it landing to Google Play store. Giving a Positive 5 star Ratings on the Google Playstore is so much important.Because For a new users Ratings and Reviews they will read it first before downloading the game.
The best ratings and reviews the more your game visible in the Google and the more positive reviews you receive from the customer the more new users will comes.
Thank you .DevieQueen - Ambassador