Devikins Buy & Hold 12 Months Be a Good Samaritan

To my Devikins Community,
Do not be shaken. Almost 2 yrs. That’s good start to learn.

What’s more here real earthquake and calamities on PH this past days.

Thank you to those who trust my efforts I highly appreciate that. I hope we creates enjoyable environment and more funny moments that we will cherish forever.

In this world of full of troubles, problems,heartaches, griefs, and worries. It’s enough for today. Tomorrow is another day to conquer and face new things.
Keep learning new things but learn to also to take care of your health. That’s the first foundation so you can accomplish more things on a day.

Focus and we need to learn to ignore noise and negativity

Just focus on what you believe. And claim it that one day your dream is now reality.
We are all have differences. But we are on same things we have “Goals”.

To make good plans will give you good outputs,
proceed to do it your plans, check it your strategy if it works and repeat. To have a calendar and consistent you see if you have achieve things.
And next step is how you improve to make more achievements.

Leaders taking Lead to Actions to give to those who is who really needed your help
(Foundations& charity) Leaders presence is important it gains the trust of investors and more people. Building your Trust on project for long terms that you believe can make happens when you first step on it.

When the burning,it attracts more.

I reviewed our New CEO Dio Ianakiara he’s objectives for Devikins. Many players wish is to listings on exchanges. I feel excited on that too. Because it will easy transactions and exchange.

You see players, our game have much errors,bugs and troubles shooting it needed.
I understand developers still adjusting. But sometimes instead of focusing negative energy.Try to have more patience. And support and appreciate they are working hard and never leave you. Its better to cheer others and lift positive energy.

Be grateful if you have work, friends and complete family at homes. I know and I feel we are here on web3 for the better change of family life.

Only a Crypto enthusiast traders, investor will relate on what we experiences. Many games now play to earn. But try to think how we can help and unite as community.

And you ask too But why people leaves , sometimes it’s not game .but it’s the environment that burn out.
Peaceful and enjoyment gaming is fun.

Forget the past who hurts you and learn to embrace each challenges. Accept your strength and weakness . Delegate the task.

Have courage on yourself first. How long you afraid on crypto tokens? Many videos tutorial on internet teaching analysis and graphic.

In this world ,accept people may judge us, break us, ignore us ,and didn’t appreciate your presences. I want to tell you it’s okay.

Don’t push yourself to stress .But do what you love to do. Whats on your heart. You don’t need to prove ,you need is improve while you learning new things.

Surrender it to above. He’s the one can comforts you. Trust the God who provides everything when your on trouble. He never leave you nor forsake you.

Learning takes a time, it takes a lot of training,and your journey you will see who really true to you.

I pray ,This year 2024 ,more doors will unlock opportunity. I believe on web3 gaming can bring bright futures.

I have Small amount but Russian are Whales ,many people who believe and trust you. They are the one is true to you.

Imagine in place of Russia there are wars.but again not all people want wars , different country different challenges ,when I join to the group our Russian they welcome me warm and they are so many.

Only google translate I’m using to understand their languages . Try to be friendly to build and engaged more people with same goals. You’ll be both happy.

Move to your comfort zone :wink:
Faith over fear . God works in mysterious good Samaritan


To people who asking If I’m Catholic I’m not. To where I am go I adapt culture and traditions.thata called respect. Just enjoying travels and their differences and your appreciate your lucky to travel.
Different country different religions. Different country different problems. And in the games we just play and respect each differences. Even the church judge me before . because I’m playing more games.But i want to be open minded. There are so much translations of Bible or any teachings ,but one thing same it teach is do good things. And most is love what you doing and it harvest more fruit of your labor.
Thank you so much again. Nice to meet you online games. To work politics people in government it’s helps too .because it fastest to approve papers especially when terms to regulations and taxes .It needs a deep understanding on Law of different country. Different country different rules and charges.
The more people you work with .the more grow your knowledge. :slight_smile: that’s I don’t like to chat .It’s like I’m writing news papers . Again thank you to everyone that Trust. Fearless. And just be all enjoy and be happy playing players. :slight_smile: thank you.

Kudos, thanks for your kind words
By birth I’m Catholic.
All the best to you.
2024 would be lovely for everyone.

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Sometimes, it just need to trick who is short term here or who is long term. Who is fake when I’m sleeping. LoL I have personal life too. I can’t play 24hrs like u doing .So many different groups. Some made me moderator,admin so on. But I’m observing who are really you are. When I’m pushing my channels to .I was grateful I catch when I see retweeted. While Dochi and Allan ,always active too to share their strategy. Speak good words attracts them :slight_smile: Speak good words and it build wide friends :slight_smile: gaming is gaming :slight_smile: I just feel to there are some already have good build teams ,already but not sharing to newbies their knowledge. Maybe they forget the goals the “more players” you need. I’m silent reader of all your chats. :slight_smile: thank you and I make that stepping stone :slight_smile: on how long terms people here on this game. :slight_smile: hehe anyway I learned. Charge us lessons :slight_smile: I will not take your thrown lol Russian will :fire: they enjoying. Players who is geek . They will be more challenging.
Feels bored for old players long time they wait too. But for new players it’s fresh beginning and challenging . :slight_smile:

Good thing takes time :blush:

When your on crypto it’s like already I’m playing on casino haha Don’t feel to hurt. That’s why Its volatile. Because many will exits and many will come for long terms.
I just need to sway to on news,when the news Bitcoin ETF approves .many investor watching tokens markets. :slight_smile: cheap you put on markets whales grab it opportunity to earn more on trades . Don’t sell cheap .so all characters will turn back to it’s value like before. Its better costly character it it’s . The more geek traders will go .build stability:) , traders not putting one egg on one basket. A lot different Token. I when I post my Top 3 games
Honeyland -HXD -Solana
Pixels- Berry- ronin
Devikins -Dvk- BitcoinMe/klever

A klever move I did .hackers wanting money .my phone notify lol hahaha

When your on crypto you need safety but be brave. When you warn hackers inside the game app they are the one who shaking knees lol :laughing: relax .

I’m sure they do research. No need to fancy and your shills .just walk simply and feel freedom that’s good to be true :slight_smile: enjoy life to the fullest like you have a time limit. If you have Bless with much knowledge.share it to build and not be a destroyer. So the vision/mission of klever people and BitcoinMe people will happen. When I add onscolo you did a great job brother. More more good health to you .it’s touch my heart’s when I’m watching it. That they are still good people on this world :earth_africa: peace of everyone .unity. :heart:

I appreciate everyone And everything :heart:
A heart always touched it heart even though through reading. Where far but here is safe place. That no other tolerated bad things. But keeping the positive energy that can boost everyone outlook in life. Have a good day everyone.Happy weekends.:heart:

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