Unveiling the Future of KleverChain!

Hello, amazing developers and blockchain enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to share some incredibly exciting updates straight from the heart of Klever! :tada: The journey of KleverChain has been nothing short of remarkable, and we are here today with a burst of enthusiasm and satisfaction, ready to unveil what the future holds for our dynamic blockchain ecosystem. At Klever, we are not just building technology; we are crafting a revolution, and we are delighted to have you on board!

:date: Starting Strong: October 2023 - The Genesis of Innovation!

In October 2023, we initiated our project with a Mobile First approach, ensuring that your experience with KleverChain is seamless and intuitive, no matter where you are. Alongside, we introduced the Wizard for Main Contracts – your magical gateway to effortlessly using KleverChain’s main contracts. But that’s not all! We proudly presented KleverScan as an open-source KleverChain’s explorer, inviting all developers and blockchain enthusiasts to dive into the depths of our codebase, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation in our community.

:rocket: Evolution Continues: January 2024 - Unleashing KleverChain VM!

Fast forward to January 2024, where our relentless pursuit of excellence led to a significant milestone: the launch of KleverChain Virtual Machine on TestNet! :rocket: Imagine a playground where innovation knows no bounds – that’s exactly what our TestNet offers. Developers, this is your chance to explore, test, and be the trailblazers of the KleverChain revolution. You can explorer more datails about Kleverchain VM here KleverChain Virtual Machine

:fire: Igniting Creativity: February 2024 - The KleverChain VM Hackathon!

Next up on our exhilarating journey was the Hackathon using KleverChain VM (Custom Contracts) in February 2024. We were awestruck by the brilliance of the developer community as they created custom contracts, pushing the boundaries of what was possible with KleverChain VM. Your innovation truly knows no limits!

:star2: Big Bang: July and August 2024 - KleverChain VM and KApps Galore!

July 2024 marked a monumental moment in our evolution – the launch of KleverChain Virtual Machine on Mainnet! This was not just a launch; it was a declaration to the world that KleverChain had arrived, stronger and more capable than ever before. But we didn’t stop there! In August, we introduced DNS and DeFi KApps – we opened the doors to a world of possibilities. Managing domains, diving into the depths of decentralized finance – KleverChain became your gateway to innovation.

:rocket: Pushing Boundaries: November 2024 - Custom Contracts Redefined!

November 2024 was a month of revolution. We introduced a lineup of groundbreaking Custom Contracts: Inheritance Management, DAO, MailBox, and Tracking. These contracts aren’t just code; they are the essence of transparent, secure, and innovative blockchain operations. With these contracts, we handed you the tools to shape the future of decentralized applications and reshape your business.

:globe_with_meridians: Scaling New Heights: January 2025 - Layer 2 Solutions Take Flight!

In January 2025, we continued our journey of innovation with the launch of Rollup KApp for Layer 2 on TestNet! Scaling the heights of KleverChain efficiency, these Layer 2 solutions are designed to empower developers and users alike, making transactions faster, cheaper, and more scalable.

:rocket: Sky’s the Limit: April 2025 - Rollup KApp Layer 2 on Mainnet!

Finally, in April 2025, we soared to new heights by extending Rollup KApp for Layer 2 on Mainnet! The future of blockchain had arrived, and it was faster, smarter, and more accessible than ever before.

At Klever, our journey is guided by innovation, market dynamics, and the aspirations of our community. We are not just building technology; we are crafting a future where blockchain is accessible, innovative, and inclusive. Together, we are revolutionizing the way the world interacts with blockchain technology.

Thank you, developers, for being the architects of this revolution. Your brilliance, dedication, and passion fuel our progress. Let’s continue this incredible journey of innovation, one block at a time! :dizzy:

Stay tuned for more updates, more innovations, and more excitement! The future of KleverChain is bright, and we are delighted to have you with us on this thrilling adventure.

With boundless enthusiasm and endless possibilities.


Amazing and very interesting :thinking:, looking forward to 2024 that is bound with lots of building and activities :fire:

We are with KLEVER Forever

Update: Klever Virtual Machine (KVM) Testnet Release Postponed to February 2024!

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Amazing can’t wait to see KVM, the new era is coming :fire: