Unstaked DVK's in KL4

I have staked DVK’s in KL4 and I cannot unstake it anymore. I have them in KL4. Hope you can assist me on this matter.


K4 is not getting any updates anymore and in K5 the staking of DVK on Tron is not supported due the migration of Devikins

You need to export your private key of that specific wallet (DO NOT SHARE HERE) and use it in the tronlink web extension.
Follow below steps to make the CLAIM of rewards, UNFREEZE, and week after the WITHDRAW

  • Install TRONLINK

Make sure to claim first (unclaimed rewards), then unfreeze, and week after Withdraw.
On Tronlink, open wallet browser and navigate to: https://tronscan.org

In search field paste this contract address: TUPmayJ5CWWKjYFVmML2ycKXMCbyKbgtML

This is DVK staking contract.

Scroll down and click on “Write contract”

Under point 16.
-Claim click on Send to claim any uncollected interest.

Then you click on point 14.
-Unfreeze and click Send too (trigger unfreeze transaction)

Unstaking period is 7 days, and after that period ends, you have to make contract call number 15.
-Withdraw This will withdraw DVK from staking contract.

PLEASE do really follow the exact steps to have all DVK unfrozen in the correct way inclusive your staking interest.

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I Need To connect my Wallet to Klever Market Place O Shopdevikins.com


I tried doing the above steps twice already, but to no avail. Hope you can assist me with this.

Thank you!