This is why few people are interested in the KFI token

I think that the KFI token is of little interest to anyone for the following reasons:

1. The token must be sent to staked
Is it really impossible to make sure that even those who simply hold KFI in their wallet can vote? Why force investors to send tokens to staked just to be able to vote?

2. The voting process is confusing
The voting process through Kleverscan is quite confusing, is it really not possible to do the voting process in the wallet itself so that the investor has a choice. Here’s a good suggestion for improvement: Voting Button (K5) Decentralization | Voters | Klever Community

3. The community does not believe in the integrity of the vote
It is unknown how many tokens are in whose hands.

4. Inaccurate data on the KFI token in various services
There is no complete data in CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Kleverscan - the information is different everywhere.

5. Almost all suggestions for improvement and revision are ignored
The community sees that almost all suggestions for improvements and bugs are ignored by the project team and
They don’t see the point in the KFI token.

6. No KFI token price support
Even after attracting investments, the price of the token dropped almost twice. The community understands perfectly well that it is not ordinary investors who are selling tokens - because investors cannot sell at a price several times less than they bought.

Of course, you can find many more reasons, but these are the most basic. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to share your opinion.

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