Swap does not work in Klever K5

How are you going to develop and attract users if Swap in Klever K5 does not work. There are a lot of complaints about the fact that Swap does not work on iPhones and Androids in the CIS and many other countries. Why do other teams monitor the performance of their wallets, but the Klever team does not want to monitor this and does not want to restore the operation of Swap?! Why did Safepal, faced with a similar problem, solve everything in 3 days and the swap works without interruptions, but Klever doesn’t want to do anything?! How can users make an exchange in their wallet if it doesn’t work? And I’m not surprised that users choose other wallets that work stably.

Hello, Thank you to reach out us here on the Klever Forum.

Please, could you explain the problems or difficulties you’ve been facing using Swap on K5? In this way, we can help you better.