Stop spamming me with notifications!

On your iOS app, I’ve had to completely disable notifications for your app. The number of “promotional” notifications I get every day is just brutal, and there’s nowhere in the settings to disable them.

I’d like to have notifications for if something goes in or out of any of my wallets, but I can’t deal with 30 notifications per week that are basically just spam. I started using Klever because I wanted a non-custodial wallet that I could use in my browser and on my phone, and Klever came highly recommended, but I want to know if any of my miners pay anything into my accounts, and the only way I can do that currently is to either manually check, or dismiss 3-5 spam notifications every day. I’m going to have to start looking for an alternative if you don’t fix this.

Thanks for your time!

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Hello @Kris_McCann , welcome to the Klever Fórum. We’re glad to see you here!

Your feedback is vital to us. The wallet team was aware of your question and agreed with you! We’ll create a notification center to enable the users to manage which kind of notification they want.

Stay tuned to see this feature in one of our next updates.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for trusting us!

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