Should KleverChain build its own MetaMask Snap to boost adoption? ๐Ÿค”

Hey, KleverChain community!

Today, I want to talk about a potential game-changer for KleverChain adoption: integrating with MetaMask Snaps.

What are MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps are like mini-apps that extend the functionality of MetaMask. They allow users to interact with different blockchains, dApps, and services without leaving the MetaMask interface. You can read the details on the official page Customize your wallet with MetaMask Snaps

Why integrate with MetaMask Snaps?

There are several advantages to integrating KleverChain with MetaMask Snaps:

  • Increased exposure: MetaMask has over 30 million active users, which would give KleverChain massive exposure to a new audience.
  • Improved user experience: Snaps make it easy for users to interact with KleverChain without having to switch between different wallets or dApps.
  • Increased adoption: Integrating with MetaMask Snaps could make KleverChain more accessible to users, which could lead to increased adoption.

How would a KleverChain Snap work?

A KleverChain Snap would be a small piece of code that would allow users to interact with KleverChain from within MetaMask. The Snap would need to be developed by KleverChain team and approved by MetaMask.

What do you think?

So, what do you think? Should KleverChain integrate with MetaMask Snaps? Letโ€™s discuss in the comments!

Iโ€™m excited to hear your thoughts! :fire: :rocket:


There is only one answer: Itโ€™s a must do!

If we want to get a better exposure and easy on-boarding of new users, which for sure are already using Metamask, there is no way around it.

Whatever the costs are, long-term it will pay out - itโ€™s an investment into the future.


Personally, I find it interesting to expand our presence even as a plugin in Metamask. The advantages are quite great, it would be necessary to evaluate the development cost.


Yes, let us be present everywhere. . :muscle:

No. They should start to fix all the bugs on their Chrome extension before starting something newโ€ฆ

There is no two ways about, I think this should not be a discussion or whatever :joy:
It really needs to be implemented ASAP
It will really be a welcome development that will grow Klever community and itโ€™s ecosystem :fire:

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YES, I think it would be a positive step


This does not need a discussion @Duka

We need the adoption and anywhere we see the masses we must follow.

Thank you


I think this should be implemented, 100% in support.

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Please do it, we need everything and every steps which help to expand klever blockchain.

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