Sempai HQ Application

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Open Source hosting for the now, while we work on the application once we begin recording user feedback on the site.

The main goal of the Sempai project is to create a safe and comfortable environment for all Otaku, anime and manga lovers and then provide a safe chilling zone for gamer heads, crypto nerds and the occasional quick thrill bandit!

Sempai HQ aims to offer an immersive experience, when it comes to the thrill of reading and writing books. Coupled with the exciting world of blockchain, it only makes sense that we have to tailor it all to readers and user’s tastes.

We want to gamify the reading and sharing of books, manga and reward users for commenting, interacting and creating a community for themselves.

We’re looking to create, inaugurate and maintain an innovative read2earn economic system that perpetuates the values that the greatest generations were raised on: Readers are leaders.

This means that while the shell of this ecosystem is already in place, it will need to be finetuned, and tested severally against a backdrop of an active user base.

There’s no rush, but we will soon open/enable discussion forums to help any new users connect with us and some of the writers on the team.

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We haven’t hashed it out yet, but there could be a dual system where users can convert to KLV.

There’s going to be a token for the app (local token)

Moving it over to KleverChain eventually, is the goal.


You are welcome, I read that you are planning to introduce read2earn. Not bad but please are you going to reward users in klv or you will create your own token?